The Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa


RAGBRAI Guess the Route Contest Winners Announced!

Many of you predicted we would take a northern route this year, but apparently we threw you with a few of the town as no one guessed the exact route. The record from 2009 still stands!

Over three hundred entries were received in the 14th annual Guess the Route Contest to pick the RAGBRAI XLV towns, and there were many who guessed three or four of the towns correctly. Only one person guessed six of eight towns, and contestants who guessed five of the towns were entered in a drawing to decide who won second and third place. As you can see from our preliminary contest results, a lot of people were in the ballpark:

Here are this year’s winners:

Anna Happ (Polk City, Iowa) – 1st Place
Ben Pinke (Hayden, Colorado) – 2nd Place
Kristie Austin (McGregor, Iowa) – 3rd Place

Anna Happ of Polk City, Iowa was the big winner and will receive a gift certificate for $100 that can be used for RAGBRAI Merchandise.

Maybe Anna used her RAGBRAI veteran status to guide her picks, her team will be riding their 7th RAGBRAI this July. “When we’re not on RAGBRAI, we’re thinking about it,” said Anna, “Where it’s going to go, what will be new, how much weight we need to lose…and what our team name should be. We still haven’t decided after 6 years but always have some variation with the family name Strong. We’d take suggestions!” Maybe they should go with Team WinStrong this year!

Anna picked correctly on Orange City, Spencer, Algona, Cresco, Waukon, and Lansing. Kudos to her for picking Orange City and Waukon where we have never stayed overnight, and Lansing which we haven’t visited since the ’70s!

Dubuque was our most frequently guessed town with 91 guesses, better luck next year, Dubuque! In fact the top guessed town on our 2017 route was Spencer with only 43 guesses.

Ben Pinke of Marion, of Hayden, Colorado took second place and won a certificate worth $80 of merchandise, and Kristie Austin from McGregor, Iowa placed third and received a certificate worth $60 of merchandise.

How do this year’s results compare with previous contests?

2003 – Winner guessed 7 towns
2004 – Winner guessed 7 towns
2005 – Winners guessed 5 towns
2006 – Winners guessed 3 towns (wow, we stumped you!)
2007 – Winner guessed 5 towns
2008 – Winner guessed 6 towns
2009 – Winner guessed 8 towns (perfect!)
2010 – Winner guessed 6 towns
2011 – Winner guessed 6 towns
2012 – Winner guessed 5 towns
2013 – Winner guessed 6 towns
2014 – Winner guessed 5 towns
2015 – Winner guessed 5 towns
2016 – Winner guessed 7 towns

We hope you have a great time on the ride!


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