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2001 MERIDIAN 700c Road Triple — 2-PC Split for Easy Travel

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Started 2 years, 3 months ago ago by Kevin Couillard
Latest reply from Kevin Couillard 2 years, 3 months ago ago

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    Kevin Couillard
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    This bike was custom built in 2001 by Meridian in Bend, Oregon – (owner Jim Leis and staff had previously worked for Santana for many years). We always knew this day would come (can’t fill the seats) — the kids have grown and only want to ride a single now; but many fond memories.

    Custom cromoly steel frame built with 3 S&S couplers and quick-connect cables so the bike can be disassembled into 2 pcs and carried on the back of a car (no roof-top carrying). Custom metallic blue paint. But for a couple of spots of chipped paint, the bike is in EXCELLENT CONDITION! Ultegra cranks, Ultegra shifters, 9-speed XTR rear derailleur, 105 triple front derailleur, Phil Wood hubs laced to 48-hole Velocity dyad rims, Aheadset, Avid Single Digit lever brakes with Arai drum/drag brake tied to rear Avid, Serfas saddles, 3rd-seat shock absorber seatpost, and Shimano Flight Deck.

    Size: Frame official sizes – 54 (captain), 48 (1st stoker), 39 (2nd stoker). Captain top tube is approx. 55 cm (c-c) and seat tube is approx. 51 cm (c-c). I have always captained the bike and, at 5’8″, was comfortable with a short stem on the handlebars and a setback seatpost that brought the seat forward slightly toward handlebars; the captain position is likely a better fit for someone taller than I. Of course seatposts are adjustable and will adjust to fit many sizes, but the frame was built for an “average” size family; the 2nd stoker/caboose position can accommodate a growing child as well as an adult. We started our son in the 2nd stoker seat when he was 9 YO and approx. 4’4″. We have had a baby seat fixed to back behind 3rd seat as well as a trail-a-bike for a quad. My wife and other teens/adults have ridden 1st stoker. My wife (5’4″) was comfortable as well as others with the wide range of adjustment possible to the ‘bull horn’ handlebars. The measurements for each seat from the very top of top tube to floor (stand-over height): Seat #1 = 30″; Seat #2 = 271/2″; Seat #3=24″. The bike is likely comfortable for the following heights: Captain 5’4″ – 5’11″; 1st Stoker as short as 4’8″; 2nd Stoker as short as ~4′.

    The bike has always been stored inside and well-maintained over approximately 3,000 miles. Location: Atlanta, GA. http://photobucket.com/meridiantriple


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