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Cedar Valley Cyclists Rock!

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Started 1 year ago ago by Paul
Latest reply from Ragbrai Nation 12 months ago ago

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  • Once again, STELLAR JOB!!!

    See you next year.

    Paul and Jorja


    Posted 1 year ago ago #543096

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  • Please share more about your experience with them. What makes them rock in your opinion? Considering going with them next year and would love some feedback.



    Posted 1 year ago ago #544401

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  • 1) Nice people and capable organizers (a good mix of all ages, experiences, types, and bikes/bikers- plenty friendly and welcoming but not clingy)
    2) Good organization, campsites and directions.
    3) Good canopy, chairs, solar shower stalls, and coolers
    4) Good charter coach out and back to and from Waterloo.
    (We just drive to Waterloo and park for the week)

    All for a good price.

    I am guessing that them just covering the basics might inadvertently help weed out or shape up some of the whinier, more demanding types. It has been a good fit for us.


    Posted 1 year ago ago #544802

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    “Bicycle Bill”
  • Even though they got absorbed/merged with the Cedar Valley Cyclists I’m glad to see the old Rainbow Cyclist model is still working.  I became a dues-paying member and rode with them from the mid-1980s thru the 1990s and always had a good time, and would even take a couple of weekends and make it a point to ride with them on some club events other than just RAGBRAI.



    Posted 1 year ago ago #544807

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  • Thanks for the feedback. Sounds “Goldilocks Perfect”!


    Posted 1 year ago ago #544810

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    Ragbrai Nation
  • CVC… One of the oldest clubs to participate in Ragbrai, where members gladly lend a helping hand to keep this loooong-running club rolling on Ragbrai! 8-)


    Posted 12 months ago ago #573502

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