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Started 2 years ago ago by Buckcito
Latest reply from “Bicycle Bill” 2 years ago ago

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  • Does anyone have a good recommendation for companies that create custom jerseys? I have a small team (less than 10) that’s looking to make something goofy for this year’s ride. Any advice would be most welcome.


    Posted 2 years ago ago #495118

  • Profile photo of lgriffin
  • Team Crude has been doing a new jersey every year since 2003 and have used 2 different companies in that time. Both VOMax and Primal have done a good job. We went back to VOMax a couple of years ago because of their customer service but we’re getting ready to try a new company this year that makes what looks and feels like a pretty good jersey at a very good price. Go to http://www.palmasino.com for more information on this company. Again, we haven’t used them yet so I don’t know exactly what the entire process will be like.

    A few others out there are Atac, Voler, Epix Gear, Champion Systems and quite a few others. Do a Google search for ‘custom bike jerseys’ and you’ll probably get more than a dozen.

    Good luck and post a picture of your design with it’s complete.


    Posted 2 years ago ago #495144

  • Profile photo of KC
  • http://www.jakroo.com has done right by us on more than one occasion. We also have a small team and they still take the time to work very closely with you and do a great job.


    Posted 2 years ago ago #495154

  • Profile photo of HillsAngels1
  • I know that Champion Systems used to have a vary small min order something like a total of 10 shorts and jeresys combined


    Posted 2 years ago ago #495175

  • Profile photo of Houdini
  • We’ve used Mt. Borah, Primal, and Champion System. Primal has good quality but poor service for small orders. Champion System is our favorite. There was an article in VeloNews magazine a few years ago about custom cycling apperal suppliers. It’s probably still out there on the net somewhere.


    Posted 2 years ago ago #495224

  • Profile photo of murphymp
  • I had Eclipse Cycling do jerseys for me. They have held up great and looked good. No mins and very inexpensive. The only drawback is that they are in China. If you can get by that they are fine. I only needed a couple for myself with my company logo and some other things on them and I am very happy with them. I looked at some other companies and the cost for two to three jerseys was very high.


    Posted 2 years ago ago #495236

  • Profile photo of wildbill3
  • Our team uses jeksports no minimums and very fast at completing the order and shipping.


    Posted 2 years ago ago #495468

  • Profile photo of schultz6
  • I used Champion Systems on another team and had good service (foreign production). Now I’m looking at Primal which has been very cooperative. Min order of 15 jersey of one gender, then 10 if adding a second gender, so basically 25 if mixed mens/womens. Last night I had a good call with Voler and they had a similar minimum but the mix could also include vest, short sleeve and sleeveless so long as it was a like item (shorts would be another category). Prices were a touch cheaper with Primal.


    Posted 2 years ago ago #495476

  • Profile photo of Kevin Mickey
    Kevin Mickey
  • Hincapie sports makes really good stuff – but a bit on the $$ side unless you get into the 50+ pieces range. I’ve got two ND cycling club jerseys from them and they look/feel great.

    They do size them a a bit small – racing cut they call it.

    I don’t know what their lead time is this time of year, but it’s typically 4 months in the fall. (Ordered in Oct, delivered in Jan/Feb)



    Posted 2 years ago ago #496133

  • Profile photo of Amanda
  • We had jerseys made 2-3 years ago. We went with Primal.Cost was a little more but the quality and customer service was awesome!


    Posted 2 years ago ago #496143

  • Profile photo of "Bicycle Bill"
    “Bicycle Bill”
  • Team Cow (HQ in Des Moines) has used Mount Borah out of Wisconsin for their last two versions of the team jersey.  Team members have been very satisfied and the team is going back to them again for the 2013 edition.
    An added plus is that their minimum amount for custom work is only around eight or ten pieces.



    Posted 2 years ago ago #496324

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