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Day 2, elevation gain

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Started 1 year ago ago by Jason
Latest reply from mootsman 1 year ago ago

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  • My gps battery died at mile 39, so I didn’t get to record the elevation gain for the whole day. Can someone tell me what they recorded for the day from Harlan to Perry, including the Karras loop?
    For some reason I can’t see that data on the files others have recorded on Garmin Connect.



    Posted 1 year ago ago #548298

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  • For what its worth, my edge 800 had 4,646 for the 111 miles. Other rides on Strava seem to have similar elevation gain.


    Posted 1 year ago ago #548346

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  • Thanks David.
    I was running Strava on my phone and recorded 3,441 through 39.4 miles, when my battery died. That would leave only 1,200 feet of gain over the last 70 miles or so. I didn’t think it flattened out that much, but maybe I was having too much fun talking to people I met on the ride.
    I’m sure some people thought the hill at Springbrook State Park was 1,000 feet all by itself. Ha!!

    I found a second Strava file this morning that matched your figures, so I guess the official answer must be in the 4,600 to 4,700 feet range for the day.


    Posted 1 year ago ago #548666

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  • I had 4541 on my Garmin Edge 500 at 111.3 miles.


    Posted 1 year ago ago #548962

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  • Hmm, I had 5761 at 113 miles on my Edge 510. I wonder what causes the differences?


    Posted 1 year ago ago #550212

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  • The variations come from the inherent inaccuracies in GPS elevation measurments using single, hand held transponders such as your Garmin. If you note the accuracy given for your co-ords, the same applies to your elevation as determined by your transponder.


    Posted 1 year ago ago #550214

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  • The elevation gain without the loop according to the route map was 4,239. The loop was far hillier than the rest of the route. I guestimated that adding in the loop put it between 5,500 and 6,000, so I would have to say elentir’s GPS calculation of 5,761 has to be pretty close.


    Posted 1 year ago ago #557163

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  • I have a friend who showed me their recording for the day on their Garmin 800 this morning. They rode 113 miles with 6,562′ elevation gain. Based on other centuries I’ve done this year, that is what I would have expected to see if my battery hadn’t died.
    Did I say I really enjoyed the day. :-D


    Posted 1 year ago ago #558000

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  • As Punky mentioned the 83 mile route was 4,239 feet according to RAGBRAI’s map. The Karras loop added just over 1,700 accourding to the same source.


    Posted 1 year ago ago #561596

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