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finding a driver?!

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Started 1 year ago ago by jill
Latest reply from jill 1 year ago ago

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  • Does anyone have any experience/resources for finding a driver for a small group? We would provide the vehicle….


    Posted 1 year ago ago #487876

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  • Ask people that you know who are laid back and have mellow personalities. Brothers, In laws, cousins, co-workers, retired people, teachers, college kids. These all make good drivers. Our driver, who is the best of all of the RAGBRAI drivers couldn’t drive last year or this year. He is hard to replace so I understand your dilemna. We are looking too. :(


    Posted 1 year ago ago #488328

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  • Tell me more. I’ve done 5 Ragbrais, but at age 75 am beyond riding the full route.Can drive stick shift. What’s the vehicle like? What’s the meeting place? How large a group?



    Posted 1 year ago ago #491491

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  • We’ve found transportation. Good luck!


    Posted 1 year ago ago #493679

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