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Good news!

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Started 2 years, 6 months ago ago by Ed Kanitra
Latest reply from slugos girl 2 years, 6 months ago ago

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    Ed Kanitra
  • Asked the cardiologist about RAGBRAI during my 6 month check up, and he says, “Go for it. You got to live your life.”

    Now it’s just a matter of that pesky lottery.


    Posted 2 years, 6 months ago ago #474346

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    Denise Fuller
  • that is great, I have a heart condition and heat plays a big part of how I am feeling. I am with a group that drops me off at the meet up town and then I ride the last half that way i am not riding during the hottest time of day. As far as the lotto if you have three or more people you should sign up as a team, there is a greater chance of getting a band or come june you can find people selling them because they can’t make it and you just have to go to a Register trailer and have it switched befor sunday.


    Posted 2 years, 6 months ago ago #474355

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    John Arnold
  • Ed:

    That is good news. As I mentioned before, you just have to have to right cardiologist. Regarding the lottery, although Ive never ridden all of RAGBRAI – just a day or two here and there – I’ve been involved in nearly all of the recent ones and have never never heard of anyone not being able to secure a wrsit band one way or another. If the time comes and you don’t get one, feel free to let me know and I’ll help. I’m from here in Iowa and have a few local contacts. Like you, I am very excited about my first full RAGBRAI and am happy to help a fellow first-timer anyway I can. You can find me on Facebook or at jarnold@midwestins.com.


    Posted 2 years, 6 months ago ago #474795

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