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Hotter than Hell 100

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Started 4 years ago by murphymp
Latest reply from petra 4 years ago

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Has anyone done the HHH? If so what are your thoughts on this event?

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  • Has anyone done the HHH? If so what are your thoughts on this event?


    Posted 4 years ago ago #472315

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  • Did the HHH 2012. Nice equipment expo day before the event with some presentations on the science of cycling, conditioning, heat stress etc. that were informative. Route was fairly flat, some annoying “chip and seal” last year so make sure everything’s tightened up on your bike. No Hell’s gate last year (in the past if you didn’t make it to this point by a certain time you were diverted to a shorter route), as a result there seemed to be a lot of folks that sagged in around the 60-70 mile point. Support stops were plentiful and well stocked. I’ll do it again. Absolute best part was towards the end going through Sheppard Air Force base with the display of fighter jets and getting watered and cheered on by the gauntlet of airmen and soldiers — brings a tear to my eye even thinking about it now–not to be missed!!!


    Posted 4 years ago ago #472445

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    Dan in Iowa
  • I’ve not done it, but I’m looking forward to it this year! I’m going to haul my bike on the back of my motorcycle to OK City and then ride with a high school classmate from there.


    Posted 4 years ago ago #472470

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  • I signed up for it yesterday and looking forward to it. Should I be prepared for high winds? When I think of Texas I think of winds. I should be able to handle the heat, however the wind is my main concern.


    Posted 4 years ago ago #472518

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  • I’ve done it six times. Never had a bad problem with winds but, like most places, they pick up after about 10 am. They changed the course last year and now everyone goes south from Burkburnet through Shepard Air Force base. It used to be that you only went that way when Hell’s Gate closed and it closed early on me (10 am) a few years ago so that we had to go south at Hells Gate (I think it shortens it to 75 or 80 miles). Went into a south wind which was a nuisance but not all that bad.


    Posted 4 years ago ago #472525

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  • 2011 was Hotter than Hell. 108 when I finished.
    2012 had a new route, with the last 30-35 miles straight south into a 20+ mph headwind. It looked to me like there were as many people on sag wagons due to the wind as there was due to the heat the prior year.

    With 12,000+ riders, the road congestion is similar to Ragbrai, but you don’t get near as much social interaction. I do like the expo and atmosphere. Wichita Falls hospitality is great.


    Posted 4 years ago ago #472536

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    John L
  • I’ve done it twice. It is extremely hot and windy. Not much on hills. We have shifted to the Big Dam Bridge ride in Little Rock, Arkansas. To me once you have done the heat at HHH, you have done the heat. I loved the outlaw rest stop at mile 98! Anyway BDB has a great festival at the end AND the weather is much better. Sept. 28!!


    Posted 4 years ago ago #472759

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  • Thanks for the info….looking forward to Ragbrai and the HHH this year.


    Posted 4 years ago ago #473169

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  • I have ridden both the HHH nad the Big Dam Bridge 100. Both are excellent ride that are extreemly well organized. The difficulty of the HHH depends totallky on the weather. Two years ago the heat, last year the wind. Three years ago was qoiute a nice ride. BDB is a rolling ride with a killer hill/mountain in the middle. Enjoy both! If you are doing the HHH arrange housing now. It goes really fast.


    Posted 4 years ago ago #473171

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  • If you need housing for HHH, you are to late. It is usually sold out by 10:00 AM on January 2.

    HHH is a GREAT ride for your first 100 miler. The rest stops are well stocked… or at least, were in the past.

    I haven’t done it in a while, but rode it about 8 or so times.


    Posted 4 years ago ago #473939

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  • You may still be able to get a motel in Lawton, OK about an hour away. It is the closest place outside of Wichita Falls. You can also check if there is available space in any of the churches or schools that offer indoor camping in gyms or rec rooms. You can also check about host families with the Chamber of Commerce. This can result in a bad experiecne but we met what are now dear friends in Wichita Falls this way 6 years ago and have been staying with them ever since. We stay in touch all year. Worked for us!


    Posted 4 years ago ago #473984

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