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How cool would this be?

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Started 3 years ago by Ed Kanitra
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How cool would it be if a bunch of people bought some floating lanterns and let them all fly at an agreed upon time?


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  • It’d be neat but if it’s dry it would also be dangerous.


    Posted 3 years ago ago #473148

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    Ragbrai Nation
  • Ragbrai EXPO on Saturday & Saturday evening, JUL 20th is sure to be a show, Ed. Pull into town, shake down the road bike a few miles, have some great food & refreshments, watch the band, kick back and look up into the sky and just contemplate the enormity of the week that lies ahead. 😎


    Posted 3 years ago ago #473167

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  • If the wind is from the east, we could finally get rid of the Huskers by burning Nebraska to the ground.


    Posted 3 years ago ago #473184

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  • Yeah! And then we could make smores and sing kumbaya.


    Posted 3 years ago ago #473185

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  • Iowa doesn’t need all that crap blowing around their state. Go to Indianola and watch the big balloons.


    Posted 3 years ago ago #473675

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