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Is there enough tent space in each overnight town.

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Started 1 week ago by Brandon Clark
Latest reply from jwsknk 4 days, 14 hours ago

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Is there enough tent space in the non-charter areas?

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    Clyde Halsrud
  • I have the same question since I plan on tenting it each night. I assume the answer is yes. A no answer would be an issue, wouldn’t it? I assume the participation limit is to ensure adequate space for all.


    Posted 1 week ago ago #1234242

  • Profile photo of jake d
    jake d
  • That would depend on the size of your tent and how many people are sleeping in it. Just kidding. It can get cozy, but there is always room somewhere.


    Posted 1 week ago ago #1234290

  • Profile photo of James
    SFC JKL2
  • Ragbrai is part bicycle ride, part land grab. Sometimes there is tons of room, sometimes you are sitting on top of each other. My first night on Ragbrai we had our shower tied to a stop sign in the sidewalk median. Nothing like showering as people are walking by on both sides.
    It might sound crazy, but it there isn’t much room, ask someone if you can set up your tent in their yard. You will be amazed at what people will do for you if you ask nicely.


    Posted 1 week ago ago #1234376

  • Profile photo of Bill
    Bill Mugan
  • Brandon Clark,

    As has already been said, the answer is sometimes, and sometimes not. Every year is different and every day is different.

    On some days there is plenty of open space and on other days space is very tight. It just depends on the town and the space available.

    Note: much of the space is first-come first-sereverd. You just grab an open space in one of the open campgrounds. Some campgrounds are reserved for large groups and other campgrounds (mostly the main campground) are open to anyone.

    However, sometimes it is difficult to get a vehicle close to where you want to camp. Traffic can be congested.

    See you there.


    Posted 6 days, 16 hours ago ago #1234529

  • Profile photo of jim
  • Sometimes part of the camping area is tents on top of tents while other spaces are wide open. It happens when lots of people get in the in afternoon and set up in the shade. Of course the shade moves, but they got there and set up in the shade dad gum. At one time I think the Register said to figure 10×10 ft per tent. So we figure 90-100 tents for 120 people times 100 sq ft. The overnight towns are all pretty good sixed this year esp if you look at Leon last year, what is their population, 900? but they mad it work


    Posted 4 days, 14 hours ago ago #1236002

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