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Last ride ever!

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Started 2 years ago ago by rjjensenia
Latest reply from Michrider 2 years ago ago

  • Avatar of Browner
  • We have a small group planning on going. Easy, flat ride from Orlando’s in DSM to Cumming. Bring Lights because the path is really dark and has some tire grabbing drop off on the edges in places. AND bring your own copper cup for Moscow Mules. Cumming Tap has a few cups, but I think they are charging a deposit since the cups keep walking off.

    Copper Moscow Mule Cup at Amazon


    Posted 2 years ago ago #415487

  • Avatar of Sandaltan
  • Mich, ya can’t drink an official Moscow Mule without a CHILLED copper cup. The Little Stoker and I have scoured the second hand stores and acquired four copper cups in the last six months or so. Check with the Rabbit Hash mixologist for the correct recipe. I mix them three parts ginger beer to one part orange vodka with just a squeeze of fresh lime.



    Posted 2 years ago ago #415622

  • Avatar of Michrider
  • ST, we don’t go for none of that Rusian stuff down here in Rabbit Hash!!!!! :wink: The Mayor don’t allow it!!!!! 8-O


    Posted 2 years ago ago #416560

  • Avatar of Sandaltan
  • Right Mich, you Rabbit Hashers would probably have to cross the river and venture into the big city for a Moscow Mule. Don’t forget to bring your passport and look out for those big city pained women.



    Posted 2 years ago ago #416706

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    “Bicycle Bill”
  • DAY-um, this sounds like fun!!  Trouble is, I have to work Friday nights and they won’t let me skip, despite the fact that the world will be no more.

    Although they did promise me that if the world *DOES* indeed end, I CAN skip work on Saturday…..



    Posted 2 years ago ago #425692

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