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LBJ 100

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Started 1 year ago ago by ZIGMORGAN
Latest reply from Pdiddly 1 year ago ago

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  • Has anyone here done the LBJ 100 bike ride in Stonewall Texas? Thinking about hauling my bike down there for a springbreak 1 day ride at the end of March. Any feedback would be appreciated.


    Posted 1 year ago ago #663781

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  • Zigmorgan,

    I have not done that specific ride but have ridden in that area several times. It is a great place to ride.
    I would highly recommend you consider a multi day ride in that area. You will love it.
    There are numerous routes out of Fredericksburg, which is a great town with German heritage.
    During the traditional spring break week I have been participating in the Texas Hell Week ride at Fredericksburg. It will be held March 8-15 in 2114. People from all over the country come down for that ride. It’s a much more social time than the typical charity ride.


    Posted 1 year ago ago #663789

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    Ragbrai Nation
  • Just watched some HTH 100 you tubes. Looks like the most fun you could have a century. It’s on my bucket list now 8-)


    Posted 1 year ago ago #663862

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  • RN, is the HTH the same as the LBJ 100 previously cited? I’m confused, but then again that’s not that unusual!


    Posted 1 year ago ago #663868

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  • Pdiddly – no, Hotter ‘N Hell is held every August in Wichita Falls, Texas. I’ve done it 5 times, once being the second hottest on record (let’s put it this way – how many rides have you been on that have IV’s at the last two rest stops?). The local Air Force base uses it to study the effect of heat in combination with physical exertion for use in the military. Needless to say – it can get hot.


    Posted 1 year ago ago #664008

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  • Iceman, I think I would think twice about a ride that offers free IV support. That should be a clue! Unless the IV’s are the kind Hawkeye makes up in Mash to feed his Martini Glass. Somehow, I don’t think that’s the case.


    Posted 1 year ago ago #664252

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