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Minneapolis skunk video

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Started 1 year ago ago by jwsknk
Latest reply from biking mama 1 year ago ago

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  • Jamie has been with us a few years, usually with a van full of parts and tools. Rides when he can get a driver, meets in the meeting town if can’t, wrenches in the camp at night. Drives down to the start town on Saturday night after finishing up the habitat weeklong ride in Minnesota that day.



    Posted 1 year ago ago #498603

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  • Thanks for the link. Touching story and worth watching.


    Posted 1 year ago ago #498607

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  • last time I rode with Jennifer was when we did the Root River Trail in oct 2011. She had just gotten a new trailer for the bike and was trying it out. Wasn’t too lang after that they found out about the tumor. Already well past the 6 months they told them.


    Posted 1 year ago ago #498610

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  • My prayer are with Jennifer and Jamie.


    Posted 1 year ago ago #498749

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    biking mama
  • There is a bank account set up to help Jamie and Jennifer with their expenses.

    Checks may be sent to:

    Bremer Bank
    3001 Hennepin Avenue South
    Minneapolis, MN 55408

    Indicate that the check is to be deposited into the benefit account for Jamie and Jennifer McDonald

    If there is a Bremer Bank near you, checks may be deposited in person at any Bremer Bank location.


    Posted 1 year ago ago #499065

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