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New to this any help or suggestions

I am new to biking, started this summer and I am looking for some ideas for training in teh aOmaha area. Couple of questoins also.

Are there any other bikers on here who have disabilites, mine is spina bifida. I was wondering if there is way I can make this into a fund raiser type of ride for research, also I have had a kideny transplant so there is another area I belong too. I dont know if I can do something like this on the ride but was just putting that idea out there. I am a lone rider and wont be knowing anyone on the ride and just want to meet some people to get started working out this winter until i can go outside again. Sorry to ramble, many questions and I am excited to maybe do this.

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Denise Fuller, February 9, 2013 at 8:10 pm

I can’t remember the group but there is a group/team the specializes in riders with disablities, they do the buddy thing. saw a lady with one leg the other was gone at the hip, she had another lady that road on the side with the missing leg and when she went up a hill that she needed help the lady helped. Then there is the blind riders or deaf riders. Theres riders that have spina bifida that have the bikes that peddal with there hands and they have buddys to.

Even though they have buddy’s I can honestly say I have not seen the buddies help while riding but its reasuring that if you need help they are there. I wish I had a buddy to talk me through the times I want to give up.

They were baby blue jerseys last year and they have a booth at the expo.



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Ragbrai Nation, February 9, 2013 at 8:47 pm

Check out Adaptive Sports-Iowa on facebook, Scott.!/adaptivesportsiowa?fref=ts

This will be the 3rd year they have ridden Ragbrai as a group and I believe this is the group Denise is referring to. In addition check your local library or video store for the DVD, “A Million Spokes.” It is a documentary about Ragbrai and there are handicapped ppl featured. If you can’t find a DVD rental check the Ragbrai SHOP.



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OhioCyclone, February 11, 2013 at 3:55 pm

Check out the bike forums website. It is also a forum. they have a section specifically made for adaptive riding/alternative riding. they also have regional threads to find people in your area.



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