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Non-riding Spouses

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Started 2 years ago ago by Dweller
Latest reply from jwsknk 2 years ago ago

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  • Does anyone know of a charter company that allows spouses who want to experience RAGBRAI without actually having to pedal a bicycle to pay a fee to “tag along” for the week? Our group has a spouse who wants to come, but doesn’t want to ride. Our idea was to have her pull a camper, but I was just wondering if any of the companies offer to transport a spouse from town to town. Thanks!


    Posted 2 years ago ago #469053

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  • I would also contact Brancel. Bob Brancel is a great guy and may be able to help.


    Posted 2 years ago ago #469065

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  • Or contact one of the teams with a bus.


    Posted 2 years ago ago #469066

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    Jon Harman
  • My daughter fell into a good deal last year. My son-in-law and I wanted to ride and she wanted to tag along. We found a team that needed a driver for their van and the comraderie and knowledge really completed our Ragbrai experience. My thanks to that team! Look around, you may find just such a deal if she is willing to drive, navigate, and shop enroute!


    Posted 2 years ago ago #469071

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  • We had a driver last year whose wife wanted to ride and he didn’t. Unfortunately, she crashed into a curb in the first overnight town and ended up going to the hospital for some stitches. She didn’t ride Monday and ended up going home Monday or Tuesday. But he stayed with us all week.


    Posted 2 years ago ago #469156

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