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Official XLII Pie Thread

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Started 10 months ago ago by Jboz
Latest reply from Shaun 8 months, 2 weeks ago ago


  • Avatar of Jboz
  • In looking through all the various thread topics for 2014 XLII, I’ve seen several beer threads, numerous newbie threads, shower threads, music threads, and the ubiquitous PBV threads :) …but nary a pie thread. So here we are in the dead of winter, with apparently not much to talk about, so I’ll throw down.

    Random pie thoughts:

    I like pie. I always have. What’s not to like, right? But pie on RAGBRAI is an etherial experience that takes pie eating to another plane of existence. I just had to say that. And I’m watching my carbs, so I’m seriously jonesing for some pie right now. I’m on pie probation until late July. As for my favorite…any pie on RAGBRAI is better than anywhere else in the world.

    Anyone else here care to share their pie thoughts and opinions?


    Posted 10 months ago ago #745314

  • Avatar of PieLady
  • I love pie too! RAGBRAI are the perfect combination of my favorite passions. Best pie I’ve ever had on RAGBRAI was a cherry pie made by a Lutheran church lady. She picked the cherries off her tree. Delicious! Can’t wait for RAGBRAI 2014.


    Posted 10 months ago ago #745591

  • Avatar of SFC JKL2
    SFC JKL2
  • I had a frozen piece of blueberry two years ago. In the heat it was awesome. I love frozen fruit and that made it even better.


    Posted 10 months ago ago #745617

  • Avatar of Sandaltan
  • The pie at the Jubilee Cafe in Kickapoo, Illinois is some of the best in the civilized world. You Easterners go right by there on your way to RAGBRAI…stop and have a slice or bring a whole pie to the ride.


    RIDE RIGHT (Beebs says “it didn’t happen without pictures”.


    Posted 10 months ago ago #745665

  • Avatar of Sandaltan
  • I guess I have forgotten how to post an image.????



    Posted 10 months ago ago #745667

  • Avatar of T. Gap Woo
    T. Gap Woo
  • Mrs. Woo makes a wonderful strawberry-rhubarb pie, using rhubarb from our backyard and strawberries freshly picked from a farm just to the west of the Emerald City. Those pies baked by the “little old church ladies” came in a distant second. Mrs. Woo is getting close to duplicating the Pella S cookies also.

    It’s time to hit the trainer to shed some pounds before the next RAGBRAI “pie-cycle” ride starts.


    Posted 10 months ago ago #745859

  • Avatar of Jboz
  • ST – that’s a massive calorie bomb. I’m thinking you would need 30 miles into a headwind to net you back to zero.

    • This reply was modified 10 months ago by Avatar of Jboz Jboz.

    Posted 10 months ago ago #745881

  • Avatar of Sandaltan
  • The Little Stoker had the a la mode, I had the coconut creme. MMmmmmmm. We never pass the Jubilee Cafe without stopping. If it is not time for pie at the moment we get two pieces to go. Once we brought an entire pie home with us.



    Posted 9 months, 4 weeks ago ago #746779

  • Avatar of jwsknk
  • Late in the day in a pass through town years ago. “Pie $1″ we stopped, 3-4 if us went up. I was going to cat a slice if apple, the others ordered different types. They set 3-4 whole pies in front of us and asked how many forks?


    Posted 9 months, 4 weeks ago ago #746860

  • Avatar of "Bicycle Bill"
    “Bicycle Bill”
  • What was so humorous about that cartoon, Mike?  Pie is serious business!!



    Posted 9 months, 4 weeks ago ago #746873

  • Avatar of tacook
  • Happened upon a piece of gooseberry pie as our very first piece of pie on our very first RAGBRAI. Haven’t been able to find a piece since.


    Posted 9 months, 4 weeks ago ago #746972

  • Avatar of ThinkPie
  • I’ve had some great pies on Ragbrai, but 2 really stand out. The first was in 2010 coming in to Manchester. Cherry/peach pie for a band fundraiser. Out of this world. And in 2011 a farmhouse atop a hill where some Methodist ladies were selling pies. The peach/pecan pie was SOOO good. I am not a fan of peach pies, but these combos were something special.


    Posted 9 months, 3 weeks ago ago #749949

  • Avatar of ccoop2
  • I hate to brag but Bicycle mechanics get the best pie on RAGBRAI! We usually get to scope out the pie landscape well ahead of the “pack”. The absolute best pie I have ever had was in Beacon Iowa outside Oskaloosa on RAGBRAI XXXI. It was Boysenberry, ala mode under a great shade tree at the little church on the corner. I forget the denomination but i am an interdenominational pie eater so it really doesnt matter. Remember it like yesterday!


    Posted 9 months, 3 weeks ago ago #749952

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