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Ragbrai boycott

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Started 2 weeks, 2 days ago by LawnchairMan
Latest reply from Sandaltan 1 hour, 29 minutes ago

This topic contains 79 replies, has 43 voices, and was last updated by Profile photo of WILLIAM Sandaltan 1 hour, 29 minutes ago.

What happened to the discussion about boycotting Iowa due to Steve King’s remarks? Was that whole thread deleted? I know there was a lot of name calling, but the initial statement / question was completely civil.

I was really looking forward to another great ride across Iowa this year, but the more I thought about it I realized that if I participated I would condone congressman King’s bigoted attitudes. Iowans say that King is only one person, but if other Iowans didn’t share his views, then he wouldn’t have been elected. I hope that a loss of revenue in King’s district will inspire his defeat in the next election.

I look forward to riding Ragbrai in the future, either on a route not in King’s district, or when he is replaced.

  • Profile photo of Kevin
    Gypsy Rose
  • With the snow having recently receded from the garden, I was out looking for new life today. Right on schedule, the rhubarb leaves are pushing through and will soon unfold! Cherry buds are fattening. Apple blossoms in a month. PIE SOON!

    ~ Kevin


    Posted 1 week, 1 day ago ago #1259694

  • Profile photo of William
    W Fanning
  • I love pie.. but I can’t remember if I ever had Rhubarb pie… I’ll have to make a point to have one or two this summer… enough with the politics.. pie, bands, beer, pork chops.. lets move on folks…


    Posted 1 week, 1 day ago ago #1259702

  • Profile photo of Scott
  • Again I want to thank all who support my decision to abstain from Ragbrai this year. As I said, I do this after considerable thought.

    On my local club rides my political opinions are usually in the minority. We only talk politics once in a while. I still enjoy the rides, and respect most of the riders, and it doesn’t affect any political race. But money changes things. I usually spend $2500 on my Ragbrai trips and about $1400 to $1900 of that is spent in Iowa. I intend to let King’s opponent know that Iowa’s tourism may suffer because of King’s remarks. If it were just me, then it would not be noticed, but I understand that about 500 or more families are not vacationing in Iowa this year. This gives King’s opponent ammunition to use against him. Will it really change anything? I don’t know, but this way there is hope.

    Maybe next year the route will not be in King’s district, or just in a small part of it. I look forward to riding then.

    For those who don’t want to talk politics, just stop reading a post entitled Ragbrai Boycott.


    Posted 1 week ago ago #1259918

  • Profile photo of James
    SFC JKL2
  • I would say I’ll miss you, but I would be lying. Bike on.


    Posted 6 days, 13 hours ago ago #1260244

  • Profile photo of Chad
    Chad Frana
  • All in favor of NOT missing LawnchairMan AND talking about PIE say “I”

    wonder if anyone has done a rhubarb apple pie? or would that be reason for boycott??


    Posted 6 days, 5 hours ago ago #1260419

  • Profile photo of Ken
  • Alright LawnchairMan, I respect your decision. I don’t agree with it, but I respect it. So that means more pie and beer for everyone else.


    Posted 6 days, 4 hours ago ago #1260423

  • Profile photo of Michrider
    Michrider !!!
  • Chad Frana: All in favor of NOT missing LawnchairMan AND talking about PIE say “I”
    wonder if anyone has done a rhubarb apple pie? or would that be reason for boycott??

    So, now we’re boycotting pie? What type of pie? I might join the pie boycott but never a beer boycott!!!

    BTW, RAGBRAI don’t care!!!


    Posted 6 days, 4 hours ago ago #1260425

  • Profile photo of David
  • I’ve always been intrigued with numbers, having degrees in engineering and mathematics. So, when numbers are used to create a narrative, I always wonder how these numbers were generated. In the case of, “about 500 or more families….”; are these number verifiable or hypothetical?

    I’m also curious as to the motivation behind the original post. Is it an attempt to garner support, or to draw attention to ones’ self? It seems like contacting the said representatives’ office, would be far more effective in delivering a message.

    Ride, don’t ride, it is everyone’s choice. See you all in Orange City.


    Posted 6 days, 4 hours ago ago #1260433

  • Profile photo of Chad
    Chad Frana
  • No WAY would we ever boycott PIE!!! Nor BEER!!! Just Politics. unless they are about pie or beer than let the great pie-beer debate continue. I’m a rubarbrican just for clarity.


    Posted 5 days, 23 hours ago ago #1260455

  • Profile photo of Ken
  • I’m a Applecrat. Sometimes I’m a Blueberrian. I’ve dabbled in Strawberrism, too.


    Posted 5 days, 22 hours ago ago #1260461

  • Profile photo of Lou
  • Politicians only do two things well, 1) they view with alarm and 2) they point with pride. If anyone can do those two simple things, you too could be a politician. Everything else politicians do is just political masturbation, and it just doesn’t matter much. As for me… RAGBRAI is my vacation and time to get away from the hundreds of political idiots we have out here in California. Iowa has this one and that to me is quite refreshing. Bigoted statements are just that… statements and hot air. I trust the good people of Iowa now know exactly who he is and what he’s about, and they will make the necessary adjustments. King will certainly reap all due repercussions from the hate he has sown. Besides, we get to leave after we visit Iowa… his voters are stuck with him.

    Here’s how I view the idea of a boycott, and please feel free to politely disagree… Iowa has been in such a deep hurt since the economy and jobs turned sour. I rolled through one small town of 5000 last year and visited with one hard-working local business owner who told me about one manufacturer that closed leaving 1000 people unemployed. That’s 20% of one small town suddenly out of work and seeking public assistance. I also got to sit down and enjoy a beer with some real good people, farmers, who also told me how shaky things were for them.

    Iowa depends on RAGBRAI for a boost to the local economies. A boycott hurts people and families! We are fortunate; we could certainly choose to boycott or just roll right on through towns and not patronize any businesses in his jurisdiction, but that hurts families… I know they elected him and some would argue his constituants are in part responsible. But idiots be damn’d, I would much rather spend my hard-earned vacation money in support of good people, local businesses, charities, sports, scouts, and church groups that keep these small towns going.


    Posted 5 days, 20 hours ago ago #1260472

  • Profile photo of sexton
  • I’m late to the party as usual. Not to throw gas on a fire that seems to be all but out, but just what did this politician say or do to provoke a boycott of Ragbrai anyway?


    Posted 5 days, 18 hours ago ago #1260496

  • Profile photo of James
    SFC JKL2
  • Call me racist if you want, but I am for straight rhubard. No mixing with strawberries allowed.


    Posted 5 days, 16 hours ago ago #1260513

  • Profile photo of James
  • ^ ratscallion ^ Very well said. It’s easy to sit back and demonize an entire district because they voted this way or that, or because they guy they voted for said some boneheaded thing. But these are people. Mostly hard-working and good people. These are good solid Iowans, not monsters because their district happened to vote a certain way. I’m tired of all the demonization, and I think most Americans are as well. Maybe it’s time to put all the divisiveness and anger away, and just be good neighbors again. RAGBRAI is an opportunity to heal and come together in friendship. It’s a shame that some riders may choose to “take their ball and go home” instead of practicing “live and let live”, but I guess that’s their prerogative.

    As for me, I will be there in Orange City and every mile and town thereafter until we ride into Lansing. I will ride with the full knowledge that I may not agree with the guy or gal I ride beside, but I will still enjoy the casual conversation and encouragement. The kid I buy lemonade from might have parents with some views I detest, but that lemonade will be cold and thirst quenching, and the smile from the kid will make my day. The church group feeding me spaghetti might have some folks in the congregation who donated to a candidate I didn’t support, but that meal will hit the spot after a long day of riding. RAGBRAI is a special time when we can all be friends, pedaling along mile after mile as a rolling community and celebrating our commonalities rather than our differences. RAGBRAI transcends the pettiness of politics and silly boycotts.


    Posted 5 days, 16 hours ago ago #1260515

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