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Renting a bike

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Started 2 years ago ago by Laura
Latest reply from shaggy 2 years ago ago

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  • Hi everyone. A newbie here. I’m trying to help a friend figure how she can rent a bike for RAGBRAI, either out of Des Moines or Iowa City. She is coming from Denver and does not want to bring/use her bike. Ideally we would like to return the bike in Iowa City the final day of RAGBRAI for logistical purposes, but could return it back to Des Moines if we needed to. Does anybody have any thoughts/suggestions on this topic?
    This will by my first RAGBRAI! Woot woot!
    Thanks in advance!


    Posted 2 years ago ago #490624

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  • Des Moines Parks and Rec rents out of Grays Lake in DM.


    Posted 2 years ago ago #490625

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    Ragbrai Nation
  • Is this your friend’s first Ragbrai as well? The best recipe for a successful & enjoyable Ragbrai is to be able to wear your bike like a glove come ride time. This can be a tall order while confronting your first multi-day ride with an unfamiliar bicycle. I will leave it up to others within this thread to recommend a bike shop that can outfit your friend. Best of luck to you both!


    Posted 2 years ago ago #491515

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    jake d
  • No problem Laura, your friend can just return the bike when we overnight in Des Moines. I doubt she will want to ride it any further. Ragbrai Nation is right. The last thing you want to do is cozy up your naughty parts for a week long ride on an unfamillar seat. Bringing your own seat won’t help much, you need to bring “Your Bike”.


    Posted 2 years ago ago #491530

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  • Good advice from RN. However, if you are a rider, see if the shop you rent from has a configuration that is the same as you ride now and just bring your seat along.


    Posted 2 years ago ago #493686

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  • and bring your pedals to be sure you have something that worls with whatever kind of show/sandal you use.


    Posted 2 years ago ago #493805

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  • One year I flew into Cedar Rapids with the clothes on my back and sandals on my feet. Bought a used bike for $85 with a rear rack. Rode it through pre-ride and bagged RAGBRAI out of a paper sack.Sold the bike for $50 at rides end. I chose this path after figuring the costs of packing and shipping my bike.


    Posted 2 years ago ago #493826

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