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San Diego Newbe

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Started 3 years, 5 months ago by JoAnn
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This topic contains 16 replies, has 14 voices, and was last updated by Profile photo of Michrider Michrider !!! 1 year ago.

2014 will be my first RAGBRAI – i am fortunate to train all year round in San Diego – my first sport is running where i run many half marathons each year, i recently took up cycling – and i can do a 40-50 mile ride pretty comfortably – but a bit slower than most of the veterans. I spin once a week, and do a 30-60 mile ride each weekend – will i need to do any more training for RAGBRAI? I won’t do well with the humidity – so that i know will be a factor – what else should i be doing?

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    Allison Clement
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    Michrider !!!
  • Sandaltan: The cycling is all well and good, riders in their 80s complete this ride, but if you are going to ride with the real veterans you need to start pie training. One piece a day at first then two and keep at this until you can eat six pieces of pie between six am and six pm for a seven day period. Then, if your goal is to excel you need to move up to the ala mode level, one scoop at first then two scoops with that pie. Keep us informed of your progress.

    ST, once again you are correct!!!


    Posted 1 year ago ago #1148323

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