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Some strange things people do while riding a bicycle.

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Started 2 years, 1 month ago ago by rjjensenia
Latest reply from Bentongoing 2 years ago ago

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  • Bicycling on a trail south of Iowa City today I saw a woman reading a book while riding. No kidding!!! She had the book balanced on top of her handlebar bag. When I approached her from the opposite direction she only looked up from the book at the last second as I went by her. Crazy!!!



    Posted 2 years, 1 month ago ago #365128

  • Avatar of busymike
  • i saw that same lady once. was it around the new trail/pond area south of the softball fields?


    Posted 2 years, 1 month ago ago #387457

  • Avatar of rjjensenia
  • Yes the trail around the pond south of IC, the Terry Trueblood recreation area.


    Posted 2 years, 1 month ago ago #387831

  • Avatar of Ragbrai Nation
    Ragbrai Nation
  • It’s not often but I’ve seen riders stop for cigarette breaks on the trails.


    Posted 2 years, 1 month ago ago #396824

  • Avatar of flyinbrian
  • Ragbrai Nation

    It’s not often but I’ve seen riders stop for cigarette breaks on the trails.

    That’s no worse than stopping for beer.


    Posted 2 years, 1 month ago ago #403956

  • Avatar of Michael Hoenig
    Michael Hoenig
  • The strangest thing I ever did on RAGBRAI was on my third ride, and the first year with my trike…but y’all won’t believe it really happened…

    I ride a Greenspeed GLR (GLR = Greenspeed Low Racer) with about 20-degrees of rise from hips to shoulders — yeah, I’m practically flat on my back, and can ride safely under a standard police barricade. Other riders often ask if a recumbent is comfortable; and two-wheel recumbenteers are always asked, “Isn’t that uncomfortable?” Sure…WAY more uncomfortable than sitting on hunks of plastic stuck where hunks of plastic don’t belong, right?

    Recumbents are the most comfortable bikes imaginable…mesh seats, back support, in many designs the handlebars at seat level, so arms are extended vs bent…

    Anyway, back in 2002, the route happened to have a really nice looooooooooong, not-too-steep uphill section kinda late in the day, and I was moving along pretty well at about 10-12mph, just relaxin’ on my three-wheeled lawn chair, cranking somewhere around 30 rev/min on my big (64T) chainring. I was in my topmost gear, so I didn’t have to push many rotations to get that kind of easygoing speed…

    So, back to the hill…see, late in the day it gets warm, and we’ve all been using up our fair share of carbs, hydrating well, of course, and snacking everywhere. I must’ve had a good pork sandwich or hunk of pie, when I kinda felt it oughtta be nap time, y’know…daydreaming, chatting, laughing, all the great things RAGBRAI is known for…

    And somewhere around halfway up this half-mile or so long climb, I’m watching the clouds and the corn going by, the birds and ultralight aircraft flying overhead, checking my mirror to see all the smiling faces behind me, when all of a sudden my right tire dropped off the pavement and into the gravel. I’m not sure exactly what it was I was daydreaming about, but somewhere along that easy rise, the daydream became a full-blown dream.

    Yeppers, I had fallen asleep…

    Some small measure of embarrassment set in, but only long enough for someone to ask just how comfortable my trike is…

    I have no doubt whatsoever how comfy…


    Posted 2 years ago ago #425946

  • Avatar of Bentongoing
  • Michael – your story is not so difficult to believe. I have not fallen asleep on my Expedition, but have come AWFULLY close! And it usually happens during a long slow climb alright. Cadence gets down around 50 and ya just kinda drift off. You’re lucky you went off the road, otherwise you might have come to a stop and started rolling backwords!

    One question tho – My expedition has a 52T large ring down to 11 on the cassette. I have pulled the chain apart a couple of times at low RPM and high torque trying to accelerate at all in high gear ratios. Have you had a problem breaking chains with your 64T? That thing must almost rub on the ground!


    Posted 2 years ago ago #427353

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