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Titonka RAGBRAI t-shirt

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Started 1 year ago ago by Chuck Baxter
Latest reply from Lone Rocker 12 months ago ago

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    Chuck Baxter
  • I ordered a Titonka t-shirt from the ladies selling them along the street. Just wondering when it might show up? Anybody have a point of contact on the Titonka committee.

    chuck b.


    Posted 1 year ago ago #879012

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    Lone Rocker
  • Chuck,
    I am from Lone Rock but got on the FB page of Titonka Community Club and found a name of a gal that works at the Phone Company in Titonka. I asked her if she could get a name of someone you could contact. Maybe you have received your shirt by now, I finally saw you posted this 3 weeks ago. Sorry if I’m too late to help.


    Posted 12 months ago ago #940246

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