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    Made the mistake of wearing/carrying a rainsuit (jacket and pants) ONE TIME – it was a freakin’ sauna, and no easy way to carry while on the bike! I’ve been on a few days of RAGBRAI that were non-stop rain, but the temps were in the 70’s and 80’s. Just rode with shorts and jersey and squishy shoes. They’ll dry out (eventually). However, when the…[Read more]

  • I grew up in Omaha and Des Moines, and recalled hearing about the first ride back in the early 70’s – thinking “What kind of idiot would want to ride a bicycle across the state of Iowa — AND WHY???” After MANY years, I finally started riding a bicycle in Virginia, and after doing Bike Virginia a few times, I ran across a couple from New Jersey…[Read more]

  • …and Cheap Trick opened for THE SWING CREW!!!
    How cool was that!

  • Well DANG, Mich!
    Wishing you speedy recovery.
    4 years ago, I blew out my left Achilles while snowboarding – Feb 7th. A week later I was in surgery, and asked the Dr about riding a bike in July; he just shook his head and said “Next year – not this one”. I then asked about riding in October (The Seagull Century) and he said that might be possible…[Read more]

  • Oh twist my arm, slap my face, and make me write bad checks – I’LL DO IT!

    BOTH OF ‘EM!

  • Hi Eric.
    With the northern route being much flatter than last year, there will likely be considerably more FG/SS bikes out this July. I’ve been doing RAGBRAI fixed and SS since ’08 (except for LAST year – brought the gears instead). I’m running a 48/17 gearing.

    The last couple days will be quite hilly though – I’ll probably flip over to the…[Read more]

  • I’ve got 5 hanging up in the garage, but my favorite will be going across Iowa with me; my ’06 MASI fixed gear. I’m running a 48/16 gear but will likely bring another gear for the last few days (17 or 18 – will also have to bring another chain too). I’ve got a 17 freewheel on the opposite side – sure is nice to stand up and stretch on the…[Read more]

  • Hey Bob – This is NOT MaryAnne-Ellen – but was wondering where in VA are you?
    I’m down in the Tidewater area (live in Hampton – work in Norfolk). We’ve got some great rides down here to help get ready FOR RAGBRAI – if you find yourself down this-a-way, let me know!


  • On the first day last year, I got into camp with no problems. About an hour later, the FUN began: my calfs on both legs rocked up simultaneously, and when I tried to stand and walk / stretch, my upper thighs also both cramped. Somehow I made it over to the PBV vending table and slammed down two cups of pickle juice, along with another bottle of…[Read more]

  • I’ve had a few Iowa hills in front of me that I tried slogging up on one gear where my engines and gravity held a short argument, and gravity won! Every damn time!
    I may get a new tattoo:
    “Ain’t no hill I can’t walk up”
    ( while pushing a fixed gear bike in front of me)

  • “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me

    Than a frontal lobotomy”

  • Depending on the size of the charter groups- some want to be out on the road at certain times (like 0700) and others let the riders take their time and get packed up and on their way without too much pressure. I’ve seen some small groups that don’t even think about waking up and rolling out of their tents until mid morning (8 or 9). It all…[Read more]

  • Hey Rich – YES YOU ARE CRAZY!! Good news though – so are a bunch of us too!
    I’ve been doing this ride fixed for almost 10 years – although last year I did bring the gears (TOO FAR SOUTH – TOO MANY HILLS). I’ll be bringing the FG this year though. I did flip the rear wheel over to the free-wheel a few times (and there’s no shame in doing so). Just…[Read more]

  • Hey Rudy! If you use the Register for your baggage, you’ll still need to line up transportation TO the start town, and then transportation FROM the end town. Many charters do provide shuttle services – PBV is a great service to get from Omaha and/or Des Moines and then back afterwards.
    However, if you do sign up for a charter group, they can…[Read more]

  • Hi Rick. Will you be driving from town to town? Many non-riders will pack up in the mornings, and then drive to the next town and set back up. As far as finding a spot to camp, it really is pretty easy lax. However, you’ll need to be able to communicate with your rider to let them know where you are in the new town (cell / text can be “iffy” in…[Read more]

  • I picked up a 30 degree bag from “Redneck World” (I mean Bass Pro Shop) several years back prior to “Ride the Rockies”. It did get down to mid 30’s one night out there, and was extremely comfortable. It too packs down to about football size.
    Most nights on RAGBRAI start out quite warm, but I almost always end up crawling inside of it during the…[Read more]

  • There are a couple charters that will provide transportation from Eppley Airfield in Omaha to O.C. on Saturday. Two that come to mind are Ron Oman Charters – and Pork Belly Ventures. I’ve been using PBV for several years; they’re very professional and even if you are not staying with them for the whole week, they try to help assist you in getting…[Read more]

  • I agree that a lot of people need to chill out, but I’d rather do it 12oz at a time. Riding in sub-zero temps – NFW! Although it does sound like it might be fun – ………

  • YES!

    2 weekends ago (despite Hurricane Matthew) the Seagull Century charged on ahead full steam. There were a LOT fewer riders – many had cancelled due to the possibility of bad weather because of Matthew. However, there was just a slight mist for a few hours in the morning, and it really didn’t start raining till later in the afternoon when most…[Read more]

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    Ginger, So sorry to hear of your accident, but SO GLAD to hear that you’re on the mend. As much as I love RAGBRAI, it still scares the crap outta me to see some of the inattention that some of our fellow cyclists do not pay to others around them. Multiply this by the speed we can reach on some of these downhills, and it can just get downright…[Read more]

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