• jake d replied to the topic Conspiracy theory in the forum RAGBRAI XLIV – 2016 1 week ago

    jwsknk, I feel your pain. I too need Allamakee along with one other county. Fortunately with this year’s Washington to Muscatine day I will be able to cross off Louisa one way or another.
    We can always hope for Waukon, but I fear the next day logistics of getting south past Hwy 52/18 make it doubtful.

  • Van, not knowing your past RAGBRAI experience I have no reason to doubt your ability to handle hills that “just don’t compare”. At the same time, I wouldn’t sell them short for difficulty. Unfortunately, by RAGBRAI standards, you won’t be tested this year because it’s fairly flat.

    However, in the past we have had several days that topped 5,000…[Read more]

  • jake d replied to the topic 2016 Route in the forum RAGBRAI XLIV – 2016 1 month ago

    Sorry Princess, no Mo. Valley start this year. I can’t reveal my source, but they are very reliable. If I am wrong, I guess I owe you a beer at the kickoff party.