• Sure feels like our society has gotten boycott-happy. Some I guess are valid, but lately most of these boycotts are coming across as little more than tantrum-throwing by an increasingly polarized and thin-skinned populace. And with each new one, they are quickly losing their impact and are generating only a big collective eye-roll by most…[Read more]

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    ^ ratscallion ^ Very well said. It’s easy to sit back and demonize an entire district because they voted this way or that, or because they guy they voted for said some boneheaded thing. But these are people. Mostly hard-working and good people. These are good solid Iowans, not monsters because their district happened to vote a certain way.…[Read more]

  • Get a second opinion. The trike will put no significant pressure on your arm. Your arms are not “load bearing” on a trike, and are mainly engaged for steering, shifting and braking. You could even if necessary do a rather simple adaptation to allow one-handed braking. If you are cleared to drive a car, you should have no problem with the trike.…[Read more]

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    I look forward to the day when civility returns to our society, and Rhubarbicans and Applecrats can accept their differences peacefully and bury the hatchet (or fork).

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    I am also lean toward the No-Rhubarb Party, though I haven’t contributed any money to them. My wife’s entire family are hard-core, committed Rhubarbers. And since this divisive issue has become so heated over the past 10 or 15 years, at family reunions we avoid any discussions of religion or pie.

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    “but the more I thought about it I realized that if I participated I would condone congressman King’s bigoted attitudes.”

    I’m sorry, but exactly how does riding a bike through a particular area amount to condoning the attitudes of a politician who represents that area? If I happen to buy an cold beer, it doesn’t mean for one minute that I have s…[Read more]

  • Mich – the good news is that with the trike you actually have very little pressure on your wrists and arms. They are used to steer and brake, but don’t function as “load bearing”. In fact, in 2014 my then 16 year old son and his buddy were going to ride with me. 2 weeks before the ride, the buddy broke his elbow and was in a cast. He was…[Read more]

  • RAGBRAI for me has become sort of a metaphor for life. As in life, we all have commonality in a defined start and an inevitable finish. Everything in between is more or less of our own design. The basic route is the same for everyone…but the experience in it’s entirety, and the lessons we learn along the way vary greatly from person to person.…[Read more]

  • That’s awesome! As a Chicago guy, I do love me some blues.

  • From where I sit, all the protesting, hand-wringing, boycotting, Starbucks smashing, whining, pouting, crying, etc. is childish and getting quite tiresome. There are 300mm people in this country, and we aren’t all aligned in a singular point of view. Sometimes, other people have a point of view that I find repugnant. So be it. Boycott…[Read more]

  • Political discussions that take place in online forums almost never go amicably. While the original post may seem harmless and “RAGBRAI related” to it’s poster, it is nonetheless overtly political, and thus invites disharmony into an otherwise congenial forum.

    So ultimately it’s the moderator’s call. And while we do have a constitutional right…[Read more]

  • Several bikes. For 2017 Ragbrai, I’m torn between my Soma Saga setup for touring (with Jones H Loop bar), and one of my recumbents specifically an ICE Sprint X tadpole trike. I’ve been back and forth on whether to go upright or laid back this year. But if Michrider is going the trike route, that’s good enough for me. ICE Sprint it is. Mich,…[Read more]

  • Hi – non-Iowan here, but I’ve done Ragbrai twice (2012 and 2014) so I’m slowly making my way around the state, and I love it.

    OK, so I know nothing of Spencer, IA…but I’m interested mainly because my first riding buddy in the 2012 ride was my son Spencer, who was 13 at the time. Unfortunately Spencer won’t be riding with me this year, but I…[Read more]

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    I’ve yet to see a route that makes everyone happy. But this route seems to hit the mark for me. I get how some riders want more of a challenge, but this is a large ride and the DMR is trying to appeal to a broad audience And 400+ miles is still nothing to sneeze at. The average age on this ride seems to be getting older, and the rides of 500…[Read more]

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    I’m torn. I may go upright this year on my newly built-out Soma Saga touring bike complete with a Jones Loop H-Bar. But I have to say, a fully suspended tadpole trike is about as comfortable, relaxed and sweet as a ride can be. We shall see how the training progresses the spring.

  • I’m torn…might go upright this year on my freshly built-up Soma Saga with a Jones Loop H-bar. But a full suspension tadpole trike is about as sweet, relaxed and comfortable a ride as can be found, and I might go that way. We shall see how the training goes.

  • “It would be fun if registered riders could vote and democratically choose the route.”

    Fun…maybe. But it would be a logistical nightmare. Reminds me of the line about a camel being a horse that was designed by a committee.

  • Any town along the Mississippi River I guess has technically never hosted an overnight. They have been relegated to end-town status, and my understanding is that they see only a fraction of the revenue that the overnight towns do. I’ve seen several suggestions over the past couple of years to have the Day 6 route finish on a river town, then…[Read more]

  • ^ I think those who claim to know the route, are doing so in jest. ^

  • If riding fast and getting to the next host first is your main priority, you guys could just get motorcycles and get there by 8:30 AM.

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