• The bike shops in the pass through towns have pumps set out so you usually don’t have to wait in line for just air, as long as their mechanics aren’t using them. Most groups will let you use one if you ask. We usually have 6 or more on our truck.

  • air pump for tires or mattress?
    Some type of showers usually within walking distance, if not the towns will have shuttle busses running.
    I’d leave the tire at home, there will be at least 1 bike shop in every pass through town UNTIL the posted closing time for that town. If you are worried about cutting a tire a dollar bill or a energy bar…[Read more]

  • Some regionally popular bands, Johnny Holm, Hairball and Nadas are on there. The Wailers (think the band Bob Marley was with)are headliners one night. All original members except Bob and another one who is dead.

  • That was the “town” where the guy had built the giant ropeswing and tower at the pond?

  • jwsknk replied to the topic Food question in the forum RAGBRAI XLV – 2017 1 week, 4 days ago

    There are 1 or 2 vendors that follow the route that serve vegetarian meals during the day, probably set up in the meeting town. A couple of smoothie vendors follow the route too. Other local ones will pop up from time to time. One town had a fruit cup bar set up. Probably a Hy_Vee in almost all the overnight towns this year.

  • In Lansing yes but they haven’t published it yet. From Orange City , no. But it’s been discussed on here and sounds like several are going to do it Saturday.

  • I wouldn’t want to do that bridge on a good day with little traffic let alone last day of ragbrai. Don’t even like to meet traffic on it driving across. Most of the busisness with large lots are west of downtown along 9 in the valley. I don’t know of any good parking place north of town, may be some. From New Albin to I-90 (La Cresent/ La Crosse)…[Read more]

  • Harpers won’t be easy either, 3 roads and 2 are the bike route. TJ made it sound as if they are going to keep all but locals off the route to Harpers. From Waukon you would probably need to drop down to Monona then over to Marquette and come in along the river from the south. Waukon to Lansing on 9 is really flat to just past Churchtown, then a…[Read more]

  • depending on the charter, you will probably be away from the main campground and it wont be far from their truck to where you can set up. I usually find the spot first and put the bike there and grab a bag to haul over. Unless I just stop by our group canopy first to grab a drink or two and leave the bike nearby.
    How big of a tent are you taking?…[Read more]

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    You can recharge at a church when ever you stop to eat at one, or a public library during the day. PBV trailer has hundreds of little cubby holes that lock so you might need a small lock of some sort. sure that Michrider will answer if non PBV people can rent time in there.

  • round the price up or down to the nearest doillar, nobody wants to carry a pocket full of change and do you want to take the time to sort it out and count it back? Keep the line moving, it’s about volume.

  • Get in some group rides before the event, and try to get about double the mileage. Get in a couple of weekends with back to back days of 50-60 miles. at some point during the week there will probably be a day of headwinds so might as well get used to those beforehand too. Ask your local bike shop if they know of any groups around your town that do…[Read more]

  • sometime after the lottery results are out the Register will set up “Looking to Buy” and “Wanting to sell” as their own topics like they did last year. Right now nobody has them to transfer. Although it’s unlikely anyone who applied in time won’t be drawn.

  • It was to get all 99 counties, that took 35 years. Now it’s to sleep in all 99, only 8 to go. Oh, a friend said she would do the ride with me, in 2 years, so I guess at least 2 more. Then only 3 more for 40.

  • First couple of years did the RAGBRAI truck. RAGBRAI X drove out to the start with another guy. left his car there (close to some of his family) and we had someone pick us up at the end. Next year there was a group leaving from Ames (Bike World?) that chartered a school bus for delivery to start and pickup, no week long stuff. RAGBRAI XII started…[Read more]

  • Probably late June after they have done the route inspection ride which is usually early June. And in the meantime hope no floods take out bridges.

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    Pretty much able to strike up a conservation with anyone on the ride or in a line. The register gives you little plastic “license plates” you can write something interesting on so others ask you something. ( I have a Team Skunk one on mine, this year it will have name and 35 tick marks for number of rides) Or you can comment on theirs, or their…[Read more]

  • 1.) both start and end towns will have long term parking. Lansing has their application open now, Don’t know about orange City. There are charters that leave from different locations. Bike World Des Moines, I think one does pick-ups at the Omaha airport. You would have to check with the charters about long term parking where they pick up. Some…[Read more]

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    If you are putting your bag in the Register semi remember they have a weight limit. And will check it. Plus you may have to carry it a bit farther than you would like to and from the truck parking lot.

  • one big difference between Potters and Mt Hosmer is you don’t want to go off the right hand side of the road going up. The road is pretty much a bench cut going all the way up. A lot of straight down to the base through the woods off of that side and lots of curves, at least one really tight.

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