• Be careful what you eat when it’s hot and humid. Mixing fluids with solid food can cause you system to decide it needs to digest the mixture of food and water, preventing the fluids from being absorbed readily. During the day on RAGBRAI I stick with non-dairy fruit smoothies (my personal record is 6 on century day). I have 1 water bottle of…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Beginner in the forum RAGBRAI XLIV – 2016 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    True, many people think of socks with sandals as geek flags. And why not, I’m proud to be geek. Fashion is not my thing. But I don’t use bike sandals as I’m dedicated to my Sidi road shoes and full road pedals. Anything Italian not only has great ergonomics but is beyond reproach fashion wise (even though I don’t care)… I do ware regular sandals…[Read more]

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    Cycling sandals are a great choice. They seem to be a favorite on RAGBRAI. The clip-in pedals will help a lot also. Try a couple of rides where the main objective is to clip in and out a bunch so it becomes nearly automatic. It’s a good way to avoid that embarsing and potentially painful fall when coming to a stop (or starting). Cliping out always…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Bacoon Ride in the forum RAGBRAI XLIV – 2016 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    I’m coming from Minnesota to ride the Bacoon this year. I can’t make RAGBRAI so this will be a good substitute. I’m already looking forward to RAGBRAI 2017 which will likely be a northern route. It sounded like MichRider already heard a rumor about the start town, Hawarden.

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    And to prevent saddle sores put on some sport anti-bacterial creme or chamois butter (on you, not the padding in the shorts) before each ride. Saddle sores can be very tough to deal with on a week long ride. The bike shop will have some.

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    Without knowing your bike and how it fits you adivece on the internet is of limited value.

    Go to a quality local bike shop (they’ll sponsor a racing team and likely have a fit kit for adjusting your bike). Tell them the specific areas you are getting sore and don’t be shy. Some things they may suggest are women specific saddles, changes in handle…[Read more]

  • Think of the Monty Python song….

    Spam Spam Spam Spam, wonderful Spam, wonderful Spam!

    There was a bug in the new registration system for a while that exposed all the information associated with your login account to anyone who clicked on your ID. A potential way they got your private email. Last I heard TJ said they were working on it. It…[Read more]

  • You can sign up for daily wrist bands still. Just get one for each day. They limit it to 6 dailys but you can always create a 2nd login for the 7th wrist band although for the very last day it may not be a big deal.

  • replied to the topic Michrider's Surgery in the forum RAGBRAI XLIV – 2016 2 months ago

    Hope the healing goes swiftly. Maybe have TJ give you an exception to the no motor rule and ride a scooter this year…

  • And the link for “Beer for Breakfest” by The Replacements.

  • Sounds like this thread needs a theme song which already exists. “Beer for Breakfest” by The Replacements from their compilation album (disc #2) titled “All for Nothing / Nothing for All”. The refrain is “all I wanna do is have beer for breakfest!”. The beer gardens in the early towns should be playing this song non-stop.

  • fsuf didn’t start this topic down a negative path but fusf’s response to that post did crank it up a notch or 2. A troll starts it on the negative path but the real words of wisdom were to ignore the troll like posts. Either way TJ is watching and will delete the threads that get too ugly. Generally communicate with people on a forum as if you are…[Read more]

  • I might use the week long parking in the end town for the 1st time. Do they let cars start parking on the Friday before RAGBRAI or do they not open the lots until Saturday?

  • And if you believe carbon is nothing more then plastic, you should never fly again. The latest Boeing passenger jet not only has carbon panels but carbon structural components. Not to mention carbon’s extensive use in military aircraft. I’d suggest a bit more research on carbon composites instead of believing they are mere plastic….

  • fsu,

    Carbon doesn’t break any more easily then aluminum bends. Bent aluminum frames are destined for the garbage every bit as much as a broken carbon frame. Most aluminum frames have a slightly harsher ride by transmitting the high frequency road vibrations more then any other material with the exception of some manufacturers carbon frames…[Read more]

  • For saddle pain good bike shorts help, cheap ones help less. When you mention a skinnier saddle those work very well on road bikes with a more stretched out over the bars riding position for a couple of reasons. A road bike position puts more weight on your hands and less on you butt. That position though requires a saddle that fits between your…[Read more]

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    Maybe your expectations of “taking orders” could be dialed back. I don’t know any drivers who do this just to be paid labor. All the drivers I know want to be a part of the team and all the team members all pitch in with chores both in camp and during the loading and unloading process. The drivers have enough to do with buying new supplies along…[Read more]

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    And the type of gravel last year was not crushed lime but regular gravel. Mostly though you follow car tracks though where it is mostly compacted dirt. It only gets a little deeper at road crossings. But that was last year so who knows.

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    The cross bike for 13 mile of gravel would not be worth it the other 420 miles. If 25mm tires are the biggest that fit your road bike those work be fine. I used some last year. But tubed tires work also.

    For mounting tubeless there are a couple of tricks.

    1) Unfold the tire, unkink the folds and let it hang for day. Those folds can be tough to…[Read more]

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    I road the gravel last year on 25mm Hutch Inversions tubeless with no issues at all. 25mm is plenty wide enough especially if you have off-road riding experience which is more helpful then the tire selection. The biggest issue would be pinch-flats on gravel but tubeless eliminate that possibility. I assume new tubeless compatible…[Read more]

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