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10 May

How RAGBRAI Began! Unearthed Photos from Karras and Kaul’s 1971 Ride that Spawned RAGBRAI

TJ Juskiewicz - 0 comments

Vintage photos were discovered of Donald Kaul and John Karras bicycling the rural Iowa roads in 1971, two full years before our official two-wheeled genesis.

10 Jul

Reflections from John Karras: That Old Magic Is Still There!

TJ Juskiewicz - 4 comments

It seems impossible that after all these years (from 1973 to today) I can still feel that mixture of anticipation and apprehension about an approaching RAGBRAI. Yes, seems impossible, ...

26 Jul

RAGBRAI 2012: For 40th, Karras, Kaul, Mr. Pork Chop weigh in

Grant Rodgers - 6 comments

CEDAR RAPIDS, Ia. — Thursday night’s biggest cheers? They weren’t for the governor, or for RAGBRAI co-founder John Karras, or the ride itself, and maybe not even for the main ...

17 May

Thoughts from Grampa RAGBRAI

TJ Juskiewicz - 13 comments

Updates from John Karras, RAGBRAI Co-Founder... With RAGBRAI XL (that’s 40, to you non-Roman-numeraly hip dudes) looming ever closer, an unwanted fact keeps bonking around in the back of my mind: ...

19 Jul

California man went from first to last in inaugural RAGBRAI

RAGBRAI - 2 comments

Meet Bill Wertzberger of Cloverdale, Calif., where he is an assistant wine maker for Teldeschi. His claim: I was the first person to start and last to finish the first ...

7 Mar

Happy 80th Birthday Grampa RAGBRAI!

TJ Juskiewicz - 5 comments

We wish the happiest of birthdays to RAGBRAI co-founder, John Karras. Karras, along with Donald Kaul, founded the ride that is known today as RAGBRAI. John still rides ...