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Munson: Wednesday was so easy ...

Munson: Wednesday was so easy …

I had an inkling that Wednesday was the easiest RAGBRAI day in history when I zoomed by the Mr. Pork Chop bus before 9 a.m. and rolled into Clear Lake ...

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RAGBRAI 2012: 'It just felt like Americana at its best'

RAGBRAI 2012: ‘It just felt like Americana at its best’

CLINTON, Ia. – Steve Esmachen swung himself off his bicycle Saturday morning and dipped his tires in the Mississippi River — the ritual end to what is variously described as ...

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RAGBRAI 2012: Light(er) day promotes party theme

RAGBRAI 2012: Light(er) day promotes party theme

ANAMOSA, Ia. — “Proceed to party” was Marshalltown’s theme for its overnight RAGBRAI stop — but Friday’s conditions seemed to better fit the sentiment, thanks to an ostensibly tame 42-mile ...

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RAGBRAI 2012: Ride is middle-aged, but not over the hill

RAGBRAI 2012: Ride is middle-aged, but not over the hill

CEDAR RAPIDS, Ia. — RAGBRAI officially reached middle age along Thursday’s hilly 85-mile route. Some veteran bicyclists stretched vintage jerseys over expanding, sagging torsos for what had been declared a ...

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Munson: The characters that give RAGBRAI 2012 meaning

Munson: The characters that give RAGBRAI 2012 meaning

ZEARING, Ia. — This is what RAGBRAI’s random, homespun social magic is all about, folks: On a whim I park my bicycle and knock on the door of a farm ...

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Mark Hilton RAGBRAI Dr. Pie

Munson: Dr. Pie resumes search for RAGBRI 2012’s finest slices

    AURELIA, Ia. — During Monday morning’s ride into Aurelia on a face-melting second day of this organized bicycling insanity, Lori Thein Brody let out a joyous scream that made me ...

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RAGBRAI 2012: Riding is a rare escape for most, but not for him

RAGBRAI 2012: Riding is a rare escape for most, but not for him

CHEROKEE, Ia. – The first day of the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa for most bicyclists is an oddball on their annual calendar — a summer detour into ...

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RAGBRAI 2012: The man with a musical plan

RAGBRAI 2012: The man with a musical plan

Sunday, Jan. 22 (Day 1) — I’m still lusting after the bazooka stereos (see photo below) that some RAGBRAI riders strap onto the backs of their bikes. They pump deep, rich ...

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Munson: Biking in '60s didn't have the 'cool' factor

Munson: Biking in ’60s didn’t have the ‘cool’ factor

By Kyle Munson / The Des Moines Register AMES, IA. — A couple of guys clambered onto modest three-speed bicycles and set off along the Iowa byways, where they received curious ...

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Welder Dreams Big, Assembles Monster Bike for RAGBRAI

Welder Dreams Big, Assembles Monster Bike for RAGBRAI

It's too soon to tell which of RAGBRAI's 10,000 riders might dream up this year's craziest costume. Or huff and puff over Iowa's hills atop the oddest pedal-powered contraption. ...

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  • RAGBRAI XLII Survey Results

    All of us here at RAGBRAI would like to thank those who took the time to complete the surveys after RAGBRAI XLII.  4,470 online surveys were completed, providing ...

  • Des Moines Could Move Part of Great Western Trail

    A section of the popular Great Western Trail in Des Moines would no longer pass through Willow Creek Golf Course, under a plan being pursued by the course's owner.

  • Lost and Found on RAGBRAI®

    Did you get home from RAGBRAI with less than what you started with?  Lost wallets, drivers licenses, and credit cards have already been returned to their owners.  We have several ...

  • Merchandise Returns and Exchanges

    Want to return or exchange an item you purchased on RAGBRAI? Here's how.

  • Meet the woman who rode RAGBRAI in combat boots

    Riders handed her cash from spandex pockets and small-town American Legions put up tip jars to help along the way. So far, Hameister’s raised more than $1,700 for the campaign, ...

  • RAGBRAI Reflections with John Karras

    by John Karras, Grampa RAGBRAI A strange, but predictable, thing happened this year to Ann and I on our way to our umpteenth time to ride RAGBRAI–we were physically unable to ...

  • Rock Valley's Jaydn Faber Wins the RAGBRAI Kid's Art Contest

    The children of the RAGBRAI XLII overnight communities were invited to participate in the annual RAGBRAI Kids’ Art Contest.  The contest called for students in kindergarten through fifth grade to ...

  • RAGBRAI Training: Don’t put your bike away now!

    Well, another RAGBRAI is done and in the books. I hope you enjoyed yourself and I also hope this blogs gave you some advice that helped you prepare adequately for ...

  • Top 10 things we'll remember about RAGBRAI XLII

    After 42 years, each ride can seem pretty much like the one before -- except when they don't.

  • RAGBRAI celebrity Taco Johnson helps dad, son connect

    How to make the boy understand and simultaneously stay better connected with him throughout the week? Eureka! The universal, ageless antidote for the doldrums: Legos.

Latest Videos

  • Bicyclist Shawn Gosch of Onawa was hit and killed June 20, 2014, by a motorist on Iowa Highway 7 west of Manson. Under Iowa law, the driver of the vehicle was charged with a misdemeanor for unsafe passing and fined little more than $1,550.

  • Look back on the ride of 2014 in this video highlight reel.

  • A group of friends from Canada spent the week on RAGBRAI and recount their best moments.

  • As RAGBRAI XLII comes to an end, friends from California talk about the emotion behind dipping their tires into the Mississippi River at the end of the ride.

  • Riders react at the Guttenberg dip site.

  • Riders stopped for photos on a bluff overlooking the mighty Mississippi River at Guttenberg.

  • Iowan "Bachelorette" competitor Chris Soules greets riders in Strawberry Point

  • Former Iowa Hawkeye and NFL tight end Dallas Clark talks about his second RAGBRAI and his hope of someday moving his family back to Iowa.

  • The LeBeaus are known as royalty in Iowa and for their funky socks!

  • Jason Pardie, of Muscatine, is participating in his sixth RAGBRAI on a unicycle.

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