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RAGBRAI 2012: 'It just felt like Americana at its best'

RAGBRAI 2012: ‘It just felt like Americana at its best’

CLINTON, Ia. – Steve Esmachen swung himself off his bicycle Saturday morning and dipped his tires in the Mississippi River — the ritual end to what is variously described as ...

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RAGBRAI 2012: Light(er) day promotes party theme

RAGBRAI 2012: Light(er) day promotes party theme

ANAMOSA, Ia. — “Proceed to party” was Marshalltown’s theme for its overnight RAGBRAI stop — but Friday’s conditions seemed to better fit the sentiment, thanks to an ostensibly tame 42-mile ...

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RAGBRAI 2012: Ride is middle-aged, but not over the hill

RAGBRAI 2012: Ride is middle-aged, but not over the hill

CEDAR RAPIDS, Ia. — RAGBRAI officially reached middle age along Thursday’s hilly 85-mile route. Some veteran bicyclists stretched vintage jerseys over expanding, sagging torsos for what had been declared a ...

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Munson: The characters that give RAGBRAI 2012 meaning

Munson: The characters that give RAGBRAI 2012 meaning

ZEARING, Ia. — This is what RAGBRAI’s random, homespun social magic is all about, folks: On a whim I park my bicycle and knock on the door of a farm ...

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Mark Hilton RAGBRAI Dr. Pie

Munson: Dr. Pie resumes search for RAGBRI 2012’s finest slices

    AURELIA, Ia. — During Monday morning’s ride into Aurelia on a face-melting second day of this organized bicycling insanity, Lori Thein Brody let out a joyous scream that made me ...

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RAGBRAI 2012: Riding is a rare escape for most, but not for him

RAGBRAI 2012: Riding is a rare escape for most, but not for him

CHEROKEE, Ia. – The first day of the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa for most bicyclists is an oddball on their annual calendar — a summer detour into ...

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RAGBRAI 2012: The man with a musical plan

RAGBRAI 2012: The man with a musical plan

Sunday, Jan. 22 (Day 1) — I’m still lusting after the bazooka stereos (see photo below) that some RAGBRAI riders strap onto the backs of their bikes. They pump deep, rich ...

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Munson: Biking in '60s didn't have the 'cool' factor

Munson: Biking in ’60s didn’t have the ‘cool’ factor

By Kyle Munson / The Des Moines Register AMES, IA. — A couple of guys clambered onto modest three-speed bicycles and set off along the Iowa byways, where they received curious ...

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Welder Dreams Big, Assembles Monster Bike for RAGBRAI

Welder Dreams Big, Assembles Monster Bike for RAGBRAI

It's too soon to tell which of RAGBRAI's 10,000 riders might dream up this year's craziest costume. Or huff and puff over Iowa's hills atop the oddest pedal-powered contraption. ...

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Latest Blog Posts

  • Guttenberg ReCycles to Create Bike Sculptures for RAGBRAI

    As the town of Guttenberg prepares for RAGBRAI, the creative folks in towns are helping spruce up the town while reCycling! The Shepherd Gallery and the Creativity Center is organizing a ...

  • New Iowa by Trail App - Coming Soon!

    Time to get serious about your Spring training! This new app by the The Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation could help - Iowa By Trail iOS mobile app and website will ...

  • Mayor's Annual Ride & Run for Trails is Saturday in Des Moines

    On April 19th, join the Des Moines Parks and Recreation Department for the 2014 Mayor’s annual Ride & Run for Trails. In addition to the annual ride, the Parks and ...

  • RAGBRAI XLII Expo Gearing Up With Great Vendors!

    You can find it all at the RAGBRAI Expo, where RAGBRAI begins! Rock Valley Iowa serves as the host for the expo, held from 12:00 noon until 9:00 p.m. on ...

  • Tour de Cure: June 7, 2014 in Clive, IA and June 28, 2014 in Coralville, IA

    Tour de Cure is more than just a cycling event. It’s a life-changing event. A day full of fun and excitement where riders of all levels join forces in the ...

  • RAGBRAI Training: The Secret to Training for RAGBRAI

    by Coach David Ertl I can already see the responses to this title and several will likely involve beer.  But to your dismay I will not be talking about that aspect of ...

  • RAGBRAI Week-long Rider Registration Deadline is April 1

    Your week-long rider registration must be finalized by April 1 (registration, waiver, and payment).  All week-long rider minor waivers must be postmarked by April 1.  Any groups will weeklong riders ...

  • RAGBRAI 2014 Registration FAQ

    The RAGBRAI XLII weeklong rider registration deadline is coming up ( entries due April 1) so we thought answer some of your most commonly asked questions to help make the ...

  • RAGBRAI 2014 Route for Saturday, July 26: Independence to Guttenberg

    Day 7: Independence to Guttenberg And now: The hills. The final day’s 3,000-foot climb is just about twice as high as most of the previous days. So if riders didn’t know ...

  • RAGBRAI 2014 Route for Friday, July 25: Waverly to Independence

    Day 6: Waverly to Independence The route zigzags northeast toward Tripoli (pronounced trih-PO-la, by the way) and then curves past the Sweet Marsh Wildlife Management Area, a refuge for deer, doves and various ...

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  • RAGBRAI and Bacon Fest are teaming up to create the "Bacoon Ride," a new event coming in June 2014.

  • Take a look back at the Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa in 2013.

  • Nana's Delicacies served fried Jell-O, fried Klondike Bars, and Krispy Kreme cheeseburgers just outside of Hedrick.

  • RAGBRAI announced the 2014 logo on Thursday, Oct. 24, 2013.

  • "Christmas in July" was a hit in Runnells last week during RAGBRAI 2013

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