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4 Aug

VIDEO: Stationary biker “Uncle” Louis gets his own cartoon

Michael Morain - 6 comments

Remember “Uncle” Louis Hammer, the 90-year-old farmer who pedaled a stationary bike and cheered on RAGBRAI riders as they rode past his farm near Pocahontas? Of course you do. The guy’s ...

27 Jul

VIDEO: Pocahontas – Monday’s meeting town


Pocahontas was the meeting town on Monday's RAGBRAI route.

26 Jul

Stationary biker in Pocahontas

Michael Morain - 13 comments

Louis Plummer has ridden RAGBRAI in years past, but this time he found something better. The farmer pedaled on an old stationary exercise bike near the route, just up the ...

26 Jul

Hokey-Pokey on down to Pocahontas

RAGBRAI - 3 comments

Eight Pocahontas high school students and recent graduates lined up atop the bed of a semi to try and lead thousands of bicyclists flying down Main Street of the town ...

26 Jul

Princess Pocahontas can’t find husband

Michael Morain - 1 comment

No matter how hard she tried, Debby “Pocahontas” Eaton couldn’t find her husband among the thousands of RAGBRAI riders who swarmed into her namesake town Monday morning.

26 Jul

Relaxing in Pocahontas’ makeshift living room

Michael Morain - 0 comments

Jerry Szumski kicked up his feet for a bit in a recliner in a parking lot in Pocahontas, where locals had arranged a half dozen old couches. It was a ...

26 Jul

Artist shows Iowa pride in Pocahontas

Michael Morain - 1 comment

The artist Daryl Bruxvoort showed off some of his handiwork in the back of pickup truck along the route in Pocahontas: a 99-county map of Iowa nailed made from old ...