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21 Jul

Pool offers reprieve for riders, donations for prom

Emily Schettler - 0 comments

The ride from Minden to Tim Potts’ acreage is short but hilly. It didn’t take RAGBRAI riders long to discover Potts’s backyard swimming pool was a cool reprieve from the punishing ...

26 Jul

RAGBRAI 2012: Marshalltown weathers storm without injuries, damage

Grant Rodgers - 9 comments

MARSHALLTOWN, Ia. – Though last night’s storm ruined the town’s planned activities, Marshalltown weathered it without serious injuries or damage, Police Chief Mike Tupper said this morning. One rider who fell was ...

26 Jul

RAGBRAI 2012: ‘It’s been a family affair,’ a 40-year veteran says

Grant Rodgers - 6 comments

MARSHALLTOWN, Ia. — As the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa celebrates its birthday tonight in Cedar Rapids, eight dedicated people will take the stage for a short ceremony. They ...

26 Jul

RAGBRAI 2012: Storms lash town overnight

Grant Rodgers - 0 comments

MARSHALLTOWN, Ia. — The heat has eased, but the first thing to take its place Wednesday night in parts of Iowa was 70-mph wind gusts. There was no immediate word of ...

25 Jul

RAGBRAI 2012 Medical director rolls with the heat

Grant Rodgers - 0 comments

STORY CITY, Ia. — Cruising at 65 mph, Bob Libby has one of the fastest rides on the RAGBRAI route: an ambulance. As medical director for the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle ...

25 Jul

Munson: The characters that give RAGBRAI 2012 meaning

Brian Smith - 1 comment

ZEARING, Ia. — This is what RAGBRAI’s random, homespun social magic is all about, folks: On a whim I park my bicycle and knock on the door of a farm ...

25 Jul

RAGBRAI 2012: Hands across Hamilton County

Michael Morain - 7 comments

Jewell — Well, at least it was a good idea. Locals in Jewell and Ellsworth were hoping to persuade RAGBRAI riders to set aside their bikes for a moment at 10 ...

25 Jul

RAGBRAI 2012: At ride’s midpoint, 1st-timers share what they’ve learned

Josh Hafner - 4 comments

RAGBRAI first-timers pedaled through the hump day of the statewide bicycle trek on Wednesday. So far, the ride’s uninitiated – known by the word “virgin” penned on their legs – ...

25 Jul

RAGBRAI 2012: At the crossroads in Jewell

Grant Rodgers - 0 comments

Ohio resident Keith Castle will play his harmonica anywhere along the route people will listen. Standing on a corner in Jewell, the second town on today’s route, the second-time RAGBRAI rider ...

25 Jul

RAGBRAI 2012: Flying down the road and, boy, are their arms tired.

Michael Morain - 3 comments

Kamrar — A dozen RAGBRAI riders from Adaptive Sports Iowa stopped for a shady break here before pumping down the road on their arm-powered bikes. The group is a mix of ...