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RIDE RIGHT Brochures

We are in the process of updating our RIDE RIGHT materials.  Some of the brochures may not be available during this transition period.  Thanks for understanding!

Help educate adults and children on bicycle safety with these great teaching tools!


Avoiding Collisions Small Orange crBicyclist’s Guide to Avoiding Collisions
Accidents CAN be avoided, and this simple tool can show you how! This brochure provides helpful tips, lets you know what to watch for, and offers ways to reduce risks while cycling. (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)




Use Your Head Small Orange crUse Your Head
Don’t underestimate the amount of protection a helmet can give you! Why do you need a helmet? When should you wear it? Does yours fit right? This brochure answers these questions and more! (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)




Commandments Small Orange crRIDE RIGHT Ten Commandments
This card lists the ten rules for Riding Right. It’s a perfect addition to the other brochures and helps to highlight cycling etiquette and safety. (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)




Stickers Small Orange crRIDE RIGHT Stickers
For children and even adults, showing your support of bicycle safety and Riding Right can benefit everyone!




Bikes and Trucks Small Orange crRoad-Sharing Tips for Bikes and Big Trucks
This brochure is great for both cyclists and professional drivers. It gives useful tips, helpful facts, and important suggestions to keep riders and drivers safe on the roads together. (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)




Safety and Courtesy Small Orange crSafety and Courtesy Guide 
Do you RIDE RIGHT? Check through this list of etiquette and safety rules to find out. You’ll also find helpful physical preparation suggestions for events like RAGBRAI. (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)





Coloring Book Small Orange crRIDE RIGHT Coloring Book
Learning to RIDE RIGHT should start young and this is the perfect way to reinforce bicycle safety with children. It includes Do’s & Don’ts and snippets of safety information all children should know.

Whether you’re an educator in a school, involved in a bike club or just planning a family bike ride, these teaching aids can help instruct others on bicycle safety.

Click to download a PDF of the Ride Right coloring book



For information on obtaining any of the items listed or for more information on RIDE RIGHT, please contact:

RIDE RIGHT at The Des Moines Register
400 Locust Street, Suite 500
Des Moines, IA  50306
or email: info@ragbrai.org


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