New Episode of the JustGoBike Podcast! Ep 106: Bike Banter with Jeff Burchfield!

  • 22 February, 2019
  • Andrea Parrott

Take some time with this week’s episode, it clocks in at a generous hour and 20 minutes! TJ and Mark start things off as usual. Murph is on her best behavior with Principal and RAGBRAI-famous Jeff Burchfield this week, talking about engaging the public in bike rides, how to get on stage at concerts, and much, much more! To cap things off AP ParrotTalks about rail trail riding in the US.


  1. Gypsy Rose

    Today was the first time I’d listened to the JustGoBike podcast. Early in the segment (from Feb 22nd), the term “wife-beater” was thrown out as a way to describe the clothing worn by those enjoying warmer weather. I couldn’t believe that such an offensive term was used. It immediately tarnished the show and I turned it off.

  2. Walter Jones

    I haven’t listened to the latest episode yet but I have listened to all the rest and Just Go Bike is the cleanest, least political, fun podcast I have ever tuned into. Maybe I don’t get offended easy enough and am missing opportunities.

  3. John Richardson

    Come on Gypsy Rose, I’ve noticed in the last few years many people have become thin skinned and ultra sensitive to anything that can be considered offensive. The term “wife-beater” has been used for decades to describe a sleeveless shirt. Does the context in which it is used mean anything? I guess I’m not as easily offended and I really believe that is a good thing. No doubt their are people out there that find the term ” Fat Bike” offensive as well. Being an easy going person it’s this sort of thing that really offends me and I think people just need to lighten up. I hope you change your opinion because your missing a great podcast. Sorry if I offended anyone.

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