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RAGBRAI Guess the Route Contest Winners Announced!

We threw you for a loop this year, guesses were all over the map and our winner guessed just six of the correct overnight towns. The 2009 record for guessing 8/8 towns still stands!

Over three hundred entries were received in the 15th annual Guess the Route Contest to pick the RAGBRAI XLVI towns, and there were many who guessed two or three of the towns correctly. Only one person guessed six of eight towns, and the prize for 2nd and 3rd place will be split between the three contestants who guessed five of the towns.

Here are this year’s winners:

Ted Doscher (Solon, Iowa) – 1st Place
Randy Dillon (Springfield, Missouri) – Tied for 2nd Place
Derek Nelson (Leawood, Kansas) – Tied for 2nd Place
Lyle Schwartz (Story City, Iowa) – Tied for 2nd Place

Ted Doscher of Solon, Iowa was the big winner and will receive a gift certificate for $100 that can be used for RAGBRAI Merchandise.

When asked to comment on his win, Ted said, “I would like to say thanks for RAGBRAI for providing the opportunities for towns to showcase a little about themselves, and for the chance for riders to see places that we may have just passed by without ever giving it a second glance.” Well you are very welcome, Ted, that’s one of our favorite parts too. That and the pie.

Ted picked correctly on Onawa, Denison, Jefferson, Ames, Iowa City, and Davenport! He should probably go out and buy a lottery ticket, we haven’t stayed in Iowa City as an overnight town since 1976 and we have never visited both Ames and Iowa City as overnights in one route before. If you want to know his town guessing strategy you’ll have to find him on the ride and ask him!

Randy Dillon of Springfield, MO, Derek Nelson of Leawood, KS, and Lyle Schwartz of Story City, IA split the second and third place winnings and each took home a certificate worth $50 of merchandise.

With 93 guesses, Missouri Valley was our most frequently guessed town that we will not be visiting in 2018. Better luck next year Missouri Valley! Of the towns we are visiting, Onawa got the most guesses with 103 – that’s almost a third of all guesses!

How do this year’s results compare with previous contests?

2003 – Winner guessed 7 towns
2004 – Winner guessed 7 towns
2005 – Winners guessed 5 towns
2006 – Winners guessed 3 towns (wow, we stumped you!)
2007 – Winner guessed 5 towns
2008 – Winner guessed 6 towns
2009 – Winner guessed 8 towns (perfect!)
2010 – Winner guessed 6 towns
2011 – Winner guessed 6 towns
2012 – Winner guessed 5 towns
2013 – Winner guessed 6 towns
2014 – Winner guessed 5 towns
2015 – Winner guessed 5 towns
2016 – Winner guessed 7 towns
2017 – Winner guessed 6 towns

We hope you have a great time on the ride!



Amanda, Feb 14, 2018 at 7:01 pm

2006 a I placed 2nd….Great job Ted!

Hobes, Feb 26, 2018 at 7:45 am

I had 0. Do I get a prize for that?

Mark Hotle, Feb 26, 2018 at 10:48 am

@Phil … yeah, you are allowed to be the last rider to start …

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