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2022 RAGBRAI Lost and Found

  • 11 August, 2022
  • Andrea Parrott
You lost it, we (maybe) found it! Here are the items that came back to us during RAGBRAI XLIX.
See something familiar? Email andrea@RAGBRAI.com with a note about where you think you lost it. If you are inquiring about cash, electronics, or other expensive items, please also include identifying characteristics so we know they’re yours! If you’re asking about the cash – let us know exactly what bills you had in your “wallet.” All unclaimed cash will be donated to the Dream Team. 
The RAGBRAI Lost and Found is a free of charge service for registered riders only.

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  1. Juan Montes

    I lost my Garmin Edge 130 Bike Computer. Please let me know if it was turned in. I picked it up second hand on the way to RAGBRAI and had it in my jersey during rides. not sure when it fell out of my jersey pocket. Thanks

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