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2023 RAGBRAI Lost and Found

  • 16 August, 2023

You lost it, we (maybe) found it! Here are the items that came back to us during RAGBRAI L. We have multiple rings this year! My precious…


See something familiar? Email with a note about where you think you lost it.
If you are inquiring about cash, electronics, or other expensive items, please also include identifying characteristics so we know they’re yours! We do also have some cash. Iowans are awesome! If you think it’s yours let us know how much you lost and where. All unclaimed cash will be donated to the Dream Team.Quick shout out thank you to Davenport, Slater, and several riders who have sent us images of found items so we can share more quickly! If you found something that you think was lost by a RAGBRAI rider, please send a photo to

The RAGBRAI Lost and Found is a free of charge service for registered riders only.

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  1. Vila Phothiboupha

    Please help ! I lost my Fanny pack somewhere between Kellogg to Grinnell route with all my personal stuffs in there , driver license, passport ID , bank cards and cash which money I raise for Ukrainian students any how who’s ever found it they can keep the money all I want is my personal identifications , no question ask .. thanks ahead !! U can sent to me or ragbrai office . please 🙏🙏🙏

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