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AA Meetings During RAGBRAI XL

  • 12 July, 2012
  • Jared

Anyone interested in attending meetings during RAGBRAI is welcome to attend.

Click to download list of all AA Meetings: AAMEETINGS2012



  1. Scott

    Will there also be Al Anon meetings?

  2. patrickbengford

    That is fabulous! However, I’m having to work the 3rd step on the situation because the stars are not lining up and I may not be able to go. God’s laughing at my plans. I do know it’s possible to stay sober on the ride because I’ve done it 3 times.

    You all be safe! Love PB

  3. Anonymous Alcoholic

    You can work the twelve steps privately online with your sponsor in a secure diary.

  4. anonymous

    will there be an updated list this year?! I’d love one.

  5. jimmy Jo

    I attended a couple last year and plan to again this year. Signed up for email list and I’m anxiously awaiting the list of places in my in box. Would be happy to volunteer to chair or any other service work I can offer. It certainly is possible to stay sober on Ragbrai. All of us in AA know it is allot easier with the fellowship of others and meetings to help keep spiritually fit. Hope to see you all “on THE ROAD”!!

  6. Tom Dennis

    Is there a different procedure for getting a list now? Asking for a friend, of course.

  7. thomas purcell

    need a meeting list for 2014!

  8. thomas purcell

    love this site, also found the meeting list; when all else fails read info,,

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