Charter services - RAGBRAI

The following list of charter companies, clubs and individuals are independent of the Des Moines Register and RAGBRAI officials. This list includes charters that have committed their service to RAGBRAI XLVIII. Check back frequently for new charters that sign-on.

They are the only ones sanctioned by the Des Moines Register and RAGBRAI. All arrangements are made between you and the charter operator and do not involve the Des Moines Register and RAGBRAI officials.

NO CHARTER WILL ACCEPT ANYONE WHO DOES NOT HAVE PARTICIPANT CREDENTIALS ISSUED BY RAGBRAI. (The official identifying number is indicated on the wristband, bicycle band, and the baggage tag.)

No charter can provide you with, or guarantee such credentials or wristbands along with their service.

As part of your paid RAGBRAI registration, you are entitled to place your bag for transport on RAGBRAI’s baggage truck during the week of the ride. You are not obligated to have any charter that takes you to the starting point carry your baggage for the week.

Some charters provide round-trip service from their location to the starting town and back from the ending town. Other charters are just one way to the starting town. All arrangements should be made before July 1. Please contact charters directly for information on cost of services.




    PO BOX 2463
    WATERLOO, IA 50704
    Daytime, evening and cell phone: 319-240-8279 (Roger)
    E-mail: RAGBRAI@RideCVC.ORG
    Web site:






    CHEROKEE, IA 51012 2153
    Daytime phone: 712-261-2226
    Evening phone: 712-225-2215
    E-mail: REMLO@NCN.NET
    Web site:


We furnish this list to you as a service only. RAGBRAI assumes no responsibility for you, your baggage or bicycle if you sign with one of these charters.