The FAQ covers questions around COVID-19, general questions, questions for transfer riders, team captains, and all other riders, and details on the new registration system. If you still can’t find answers to your questions try our general information page and if you still can’t find the answers please email us at info@ragbrai.com




1. What is your cancellation policy?

You can request a full refund by emailing info@ragbrai.com before April 15, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. CST. Refunds will not be given after April 15, 2021. See our transfer policy for details on how to sell your wristband.

2. Are you restricting registration numbers for this year’s ride?

It is possible that we will control registration numbers to control the density in population when riders are not on their bikes, and to ensure social distancing measures can be met. What does this mean?

  • Weeklong riders and non-riders’ will go through the lottery.
  • Day passes. We are working through mitigation procedures to ensure we can safely accept day pass riders throughout the week.
3. Will there be increased KYBOs/Porta-Potties and hand sanitization along the route?

Yes. You will see an increase in KYBOs/Porta-Potties and hand sanitization stations along the route and in Overnight Towns in 2021.

4. What other measures are you implementing to ensure the health and safety of your riders?

Though we will continue to defer to current state guidelines regarding COVID-19 mitigation and we expect the further relaxing of rules & guidelines regarding various safety measures, as of this date RAGBRAI expects to implement the following set of protocols for the safe & responsible execution of the event in July.

  1. Online pre-event health screening will be required of all participants.
  2. Daily health screening will be required of all staff, vendors, and volunteers.
  3. Participants, staff, vendors, and volunteers will be required to wear a mask when social distancing is not possible.
  4. Hand sanitizer must be available at all vendor locations, in SAG wagons, and will be provided to towns for entertainment venues & volunteer use.
  5. Appropriate COVID-19 mitigation signage provided by RAGBRAI will be posted at the entrance to all areas on the ride expected to have large numbers of participants or spectators.
  6. All venues & towns will be encouraged to recommend outdoor dining to their restaurants & bars.
  7. Indoor-hosted housing will not be supported by RAGBRAI.

RAGBRAI reserves the right to add or remove any of the above mitigation methods based on current State of Iowa recommendations and industry best practices.

5. Will RAGBRAI require proof of a negative COVID-19 test to participate?

COVID-19 screening via email and/or a negative COVID-19 test may be required prior to arrival in Le Mars. In addition, we may require additional testing or screening during the ride. 

7. How will you ensure the safety of the volunteers, community members?

As with riders, we are creating policies and protocols that all vendors, volunteers, and RAGBRAI Crew will have to adhere to. We’ve invested in a platform that allows us to communicate directly with all extensions of our volunteers, crew, and vendors to ensure consistency in communication and execution by town.

8. Will this impact the vendors along the route?

Our goal is to maximize vendors along the route, in meeting towns, and in overnight towns to ensure social distancing. As stated above there could be protocol each vendor will have to follow to be officially recognized and endorsed by RAGBRAI.


1. Do I need to set-up my team in the new registration system?

Not necessarily. If you are a longstanding RAGBRAI team your team was imported into the new system and the team captain received an email communication from RAGBRAI on how to access their account. The team captain is identified as the person who was assigned leader in the old RAGBRAI system.

If you are unsure if you fall into this category or need to update your team captain please email anne@ragbrai.com and nic@ragbrai.com with your request.

2. Will there be an option to set-up team captain pays or individual pay for my team?

Yes, the team captain will have the option of selecting captain pays or individual pay when they register their group. The first person to register and create a team will be considered the default leader/captain.

For those groups who were imported by RAGBRAI. You were set-up based on your default for the 2019 ride. If you need to change your pay type please email anne@ragbrai.com or nic@ragbrai.com

Definitions of captain pay vs individual pay:

  • CAPTAIN PAY: Team captain pays for everyone’s registration
  • INDIVIDUAL PAY: riders pay for their own registration
3. Can I make my group private?

Yes. The team captain has the option of setting a team password when you create your team. If a password is set all team members will need that password to join the group and team captains will have to approve all new riders.

To add a password after you’ve set-up the team, follow these instructions.

  • Visit ragbrai.enmotive.com
  • Click Log-in in the upper right corner (or My Account)
  • Scroll down to the Teams section and click on Manage Team
  • Click on the “Actions” button and select Team Password
  • Create your password and click save
4. Are there certain guidelines for clubs/groups?

Yes, there are certain guidelines that we ask your club/group/team to abide by. You can download and read the guidelines here: https://ragbrai.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/ClubTeamGuidelines.pdf

5. How do I add more than three vehicles to my team?

Charter teams who are grandfathered into more than three vehicle passes will need to email anne@ragbrai.com and nic@ragbrai.com and we can add the additional vehicles for you. Once added the team captain can add drivers’ names and pay for them.

6. Will a team leader be able to manage two teams?

Yes, a team leader will be able to manage two teams.

7. How do I add a minor/dependent to my registration?

There are two ways to do this. During registration on the Review Registrant page, you will be prompted to Add child/dependent or Complete Payment. At any point before registration closes you can log-on to https://ragbrai.enmotive.com/events/register/2021-ragbrai and add a child/dependent to your order.

8. Can team captains run reports that show all registration details?

Yes. You will want to run a Team Roster report. It will show you everyone who has registered for your team and the details of their registration.

To run the Team Roster report, do the following.

  • Visit ragbrai.enmotive.com
  • Log in or click My Account.
  • Scroll down to the Teams section (very bottom of page)
  • Click on the Manage Team link
  • Click on the blue Actions button and select download Team Roster
    • You can customize this report by complete, incomplete, deferred, or provisional riders
  • An excel spreadsheet will download for your review
9. Can a team captain set-up an account with a generic email address and then register themselves with their personal email?

Yes. However, if you would like to set-up a user account (no registration) then you will need to contact anne@ragbrai.com or nic@ragbrai.com and request a user account. That email address will get updates from RAGBRAI.

10. How do I close my group in the new system?

Your group will automatically close on April 15, 2021, and you don’t need to do anything. We request all registrations to be paid and waivers signed at that time. Please contact RAGBRAI in advance of April 15 if you think you might miss that deadline.

11. Will we be able to see our old rosters?

Unfortunately, they will not show up in the system. You can access your team roster through the old system for the time being. If you need RAGBRAI to assist please email anne@ragbrai.com or nic@ragbrai.com.

12. How will team members be able to see who has registered for the team? Will they be able to see team members' information?

They can view their team from their registration once they are paid and the other team member is paid too. They will not be able to see full contact information just name and they will only be able to see team members who’ve paid.

13. I am the team captain but also requested my 2020 ride be transferred this year. Will that impact anything?

All transfer riders will be uploaded into the new registration system prior to go-live which means an account will be created for them. Their full registration information will be loaded to their registration by January 2021. That includes: product (if that hasn’t already been shipped) and vehicle passes. Each transfer rider will have to go in and reset their password in order to access their account.

14. Are we going to be able to send out team emails from our account?

Yes, you can invite team members to register and you can email those that have already registered. You can customize the message. You can send the email directly from the registration platform or you can copy and paste the email and send it from your group/team email directly. You have the flexibility to do it however you would like.

15. Can minors/dependents sign online waivers or do they need to send in a paper waiver?

The new registration system allows guardians to register for a minor/dependent via your account and signs the waiver online.


1.When will the full route be announced?

The full route (pass-thru towns) will be announced at the end of January in lieu of an in-person route announcement party. More details will be shared soon!

2. When will you announce the new Friday night overnight town?

We are working with our local partners to finalize the new Friday overnight town and hope to announce at the beginning of the new year.


1. Are there specific instructions for the new registration platform?

Yes.  There are specific instructions for team captains and transfer riders.


2. What is the deadline to register for RAGBRAI XLVIII?
  • Teams must be registered by April 15, 2021
  • Individual weeklong riders and weeklong non-riders must be registered by April 15, 2021
  • Day pass riders must be registered by June 01, 2021.
3. What does it cost to ride RAGBRAI?

Below is a breakdown of the different registration types and vehicle costs to attend RAGBRAI. This doesn’t include food or drinks.

Registration Types:

  • Weeklong Rider Registration is $175
  • Weeklong Non-Rider Registration is $35
  • Day Rider Pass Registration: $30/day*

*Day rider passes aren’t on-sale at this time.


  • RV/Bus is $70
  • Straight Truck; Penske, U-Haul, Ryder is $40
  • Other: SUV/Sedan is $40
4. What is included with my registration?

The following is included for all registration types (weeklong rider, weeklong non-rider, day rider):

  • Four ambulances and paramedic teams on the route each day.
  • Traffic controlled by Iowa State Patrol officers at select high traffic intersections throughout the day.
  • Baggage transported from the overnight-to-overnight communities and unloaded for participants at the end of each day.
  • Free SAG service, which patrols the route to pick up riders who breakdown either physically or mechanically.
  • Ten bicycle repair shops dispersed throughout the route, and additional repair services available in the campgrounds during the day and in the evenings. Participants will pay for their own repairs; however, the shops will offer discounts for registered participants on all repairs, accessories, and RAGBRAI apparel.
  • Provision for camping locations in each host community, in addition to food vending areas, shuttle services, shower services, and entertainment.
  • Portable toilets with hand-washing stations distributed among the official campgrounds.
  • Route maps handed out at the community Information Centers and the RAGBRAI Merchandise and Information Trailers.
  • Colorful and distinct, route signs that mark the bike route and the separate support vehicle route.
  • A free embroidered patch for weeklong riders.
  • Bicycle shipping stations at the end of the ride.
  • Opportunity to join one of RAGBRAI’s Charters.
  • Opportunity to utilize long-term parking in the starting or ending town.  Long-term parking service will be denied for individuals not registered for RAGBRAI.
  • Gifts for registered support vehicle drivers who attend the training meeting on the Saturday before the ride starts.
  • Exclusive access and discounts at food vendors, bicycle repair shops, merchandise booths, and shower facilities for all registered participants displaying their wristbands.
  • The annual Expo on the Saturday before the ride starts. The Expo features the latest in bicycle equipment, accessories, and apparel.
  • A free Gravel Loop and/or Karras Loop patch for registered participants who complete the optional Karras Loop.
5. Will I be able to purchase merchandise with my registration?

Yes, you can add RAGBRAI XLVIII sleeved and sleeveless jerseys, RAGBRAI XLVIII Gemini tank, shorts, bibs, and basic or premium souvenir packages onto your registration. You receive a discount on jerseys, tanks, shorts and bibs if purchased with your registration.

You can see a full list of our official RAGBRAI merchandise on our store at RAGBRAI.com/shop.

6. Can I edit my merchandise order after I complete and/or pay for my registration?

Yes. You can edit merchandise size or add merchandise up until registration closes. To do that you will need to do the following:

  1. Click on this link: https://ragbrai.enmotive.com
  2. Click log-on in the upper right corner
  3. Scroll down to the “Current and Upcoming Events” section
  4. Click on the “Actions” button and select View Registration
  5. To the right of the Products header, click on the word EDIT.
  6. You will be taken to a screen where you can add or edit your product selection.
7. Can I add vehicles to my registration?

Vehicles can be added to teams of three or more by team captains only. Once a team has three team members that have completed their registration (paid, signed waiver) the team captain can add the vehicles under their registration. Teams can add a maximum of three vehicles. All drivers must be registered as weeklong non-riders to be verified.

Steps to add vehicles:

  1. Team captain: log on to your account
  2. Scroll to your RAGBRAI XLVIII registration
  3. Click on the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu
  4. Select ‘View Registration’
  5. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page until you see the three vehicles you can purchase.
  6. Select the vehicles and add the driver’s name for each vehicle you register.
  7. Click ‘Add to Cart’
  8. Add payment information and complete the purchase.

If you have trouble adding vehicles to your registration please email anne@ragbrai.com and nic@ragbrai.com

8. Do I have to register if I am driving a vehicle?

Yes, all vehicle drivers must register as weeklong non-riders and the team captain must include the driver’s name when purchasing the vehicle passes. There is a limit of 3 vehicle passes per team.

9. What if I need to cancel my registration?

If you need to cancel your registration, you can do so before April 15, 2021, and receive a full refund. After April 15, 2021, all sales are final.

If you have paid, you will need to email info@ragbrai.com to request your refund.

If you have not paid, you can cancel your registration through EnMotive and follow the steps below.

  • Visit ragbrai.enmotive.com
  • Click on Log-in in the upper right corner
  • Scroll down to your registration
  • Click on the Actions Button and select Cancel Registration
  • Click Yes, cancel my registration button

*Please note the special COVID-19 cancellation policy listed under the COVID-19 section of the FAQ for full terms.

10. Can I add a minor or dependent to my registration?

Yes. You can add a minor or dependent to your registration in multiple ways.

  1. You will need to complete your registration first. On the REVIEW ORDER screen, there will be a button at the bottom of the page that says “Register a Child/Dependent” click on that button and follow the prompts to register a child/dependent as you did your registration.
  2. If you’ve already completed your registration. Visit, RAGBRAI.com/register, and click the REGISTER NOW button. Follow the same prompts as registering for yourself but instead type in the information for your dependent on the Choose Registrant page. They must be 18 years of age or younger.
11. Can I register for two adults under my account?

No, you can only register for yourself and a child/dependent. All adult riders must fill out their own online registration and sign their own waiver.

12. Can I submit a paper application?

Yes, paper applications for individual riders only are available starting December 7 and the deadline to submit a paper application is February 15, 2021.  Paper application and payment can be mailed to the RAGBRAI office. Download a paper application here:

  • Attn: RAGBRAI Fees
  • 400 Locust St.
  • Suite 500
  • Des Moines, Iowa 50309
13. How does the lottery work?

RAGBRAI is limited to approximate numbers of riders and non-riders each year. Entries can’t exceed the number of riders allowed, so a random computer lottery takes place after all the entries are entered into the computer. You must register and provide payment in order to be considered for the lottery. Just because your check is cashed, or your credit card is charged does not mean you were selected in the lottery. If not selected, you will receive a full refund back onto the credit card used or via check from Gannett Shared Services.

For weeklong riders, it is not on a first-come, first-served basis. Everyone who completes a weeklong rider registration between December 7, 2020, and April 15, 2021, will go through the lottery.  Lottery results will be communicated to registrants starting on May 01, 2021

Transfer Riders

1. I registered for 2020 but didn’t pay. Do I need to re-register in 2021?

Yes, you will need to re-register for the 2021 ride via the new registration platform.

2. I transferred my 2020 ride to 2021. What do I need to do?

Your registration was transferred to the new registration platform and a user account was created for you. Please see the next question for how to reset your password.

How-to Register guide can be found here: REGISTERING FOR RAGBRAI

3. How do I access my registration/account in the new registration system?

Your 2021 registration/account is associated with the email address you used to register for RAGBRAI in 2020. If you don’t remember what that email address is please email info@ragbrai.com

You will need to follow the steps below to access your new account through EnMotive.


  • Step 1: Visit https://ragbrai.enmotive.com/
  • Step 2: Click Login located in the upper right corner
  • Step 3: Click “Forgot Password”
  • Step 4: Enter the email address associated with your 2020 RAGBRAI registration. (this is the only email associated with your new EnMotive account)
  • Step 5: An email will be sent from sender: EnMotive with a reset password link. Click on that and follow the instructions.
  • Step 6: Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Step 7: Access “My Account” in the upper right corner

If you have trouble, please email us at info@ragbrai.com

4. I am a team captain. What should I do if some of my riders transferred and some didn’t?

If you are a team captain and have not heard from RAGBRAI we will be in touch with you by end of next week with instructions for how to handle transfer riders and new registrants.

Please note your transfer riders received an email on December 4th with instructions on how to access their new account.

5. I transferred my ride from 2020 to 2021 but can’t make it anymore. Can I request a refund?

Yes, to request a refund, email info@ragbrai.com prior to April 15, 2021. All sales are final after April 15, 2021.

6. I transferred my ride from 2020 to 2021 but can’t make it anymore. Can I transfer my registration to another rider?

Yes. You can transfer your registration and will need to follow the transfer procedures to validate the transfer. A resold credential will not be valid unless it is officially transferred via RAGBRAI.com to the new owner before the event begins. This procedure not only transfers the wristband but also the liability associated with it. To transfer a wristband, the new owner of the wristband must complete an online transfer form and submit a waiver before the start of the ride in order to properly transfer the wristband to their name. If the online transfer form and waiver are not completed, the wristband and the liability for it will remain in the original purchaser’s name. The online transfer form will be available at the beginning of July 2021 on RAGBRAI.com.  Full transfer details can be found at: RAGBRAI.com/general under the Registration section.

7. Will my merchandise transfer with my registration?

Yes, if you purchased a basic or premium souvenir pack it was transferred with your registration. You can confirm the details under your EnMotive account by clicking on “My Account” and then View Registration or View Order. Your souvenir pack will ship with your registration packet in June/July 2021.

If you purchased a RAGBRAI XLVIII jersey, Gemini tank, shorts, or bibs those items were shipped in the summer of 2020. If you didn’t receive them, please email info@ragbrai.com.

8. Will my vehicle pass(es) transfer with my ride?

Yes. Your vehicle pass will transfer with your registration. Starting in January 2021, you can confirm the details under your EnMotive account by clicking on “My Account” and then “View Registration” or “View Order”

9. Am I immune from the lottery if I transferred from the 2020 ride to 2021?

Yes, you are immune from the lottery however your wristband/bike band and rider credentials will not be confirmed until May 2021 and your rider packet will not arrive until June/July 2021.

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