'American Picker' Mike Wolfe living it up on this year's RAGBRAI

  • 25 July, 2019
  • Courtney Crowder

INDIANOLA, Ia. — Iowan and “American Picker” Mike Wolfe is biking RAGBRAI with his high school buddies.

Photos posted to the History Channel star’s social media accounts show him stretching out for the gravel loop, getting a bike tuneup, enjoying some watermelon slices and sporting a jersey from his clothing brand, “Two Lanes,” named for the two-lane highways he loves to frequent on TV.

Wolfe, originally from Davenport, spent years as a bicycle mechanic and salespersonin eastern Iowa before dedicating himself fully to picking. Now, his store on the shores on the Mississippi River in Iowa is a major tourist attraction for the area.

Unlike some of the other Iowa celebrities (*cough* Jason Mamoa *cough*), Wolfe looks like an everyday guy — so when not next to antiques, it might be hard to spot him along the route!

But, have no fear, we’ve chronicled some of the fun he’s had so far below: 

(Learn more about Wolfe in Courtney Crowder’s recent profile: Mike Wolfe wants to save rural America.)

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