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Artcrank Opens Thursday in Des Moines

  • 18 May, 2011
  • Jared

by Michael Morain, The Des Moines Register

Like bikes? Great. Like art? Great. Like ‘em both? Even better.

Just a reminder, then: The second annual Artcrank poster show opens this Thursday at the Des Moines Social Club, in the Kirkwood Building. The basic idea: Thirty local artists each printed 30 posters to sell for $30 apiece. (I don’t buy a lot of artwork myself, but I bought a poster last year, which now hangs proudly in the hall at home.)

Here’s a peek at a few examples from this year’s batch:

   “Good Day Sunshine” by Basement

   “Departure” by David Kallemyn

   “Death by Cycle in Fog” by Kate Allen

   “Argyle Rider” by Sparga

  “RIDE*DSM” by Robin Wastenay

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