The Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa

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18 Jul

Hot, muggy weather forecast for RAGBRAI start

Katherine Klingseis - 0 comments

RAGBRAI riders will have to endure hot, muggy weather as they begin their trek across the state, meteorologists said. An air mass bringing warm, moist air will start moving into Iowa ...

28 Jun

Iowans can’t get enough bacon and bicycling

Katherine Klingseis - 2 comments

Thousands of bacon and biking enthusiasts showed up for the opening event of the inaugural Bacoon Ride in Waukee on Friday night.

25 Jan

‘BACooN RIDE’ to combine biking, bacon this summer

Katherine Klingseis - 28 comments

A new event this summer will combine two of Iowans’ most beloved hobbies: biking and bacon-eating. The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, Blue Ribbon Bacon Fest and Iowa Bicycle ...

22 Oct

RAGBRAI XLII Logo Announcement Party!

Katherine Klingseis - 0 comments

Wintry weather giving you the blahs? Stop by the RAGBRAI XLII Logo Announcement Party for a hint of Summer 2014!

24 Jul

Water fight proves to be ‘barrel’ of fun for two riders

Katherine Klingseis - 0 comments

Some RAGBRAI riders got a little soggy in Monroe. But it wasn’t from rain. It was from spraying fire hoses. Two teams of two or three people used fire hoses to ...

24 Jul

RAGBRAI riders could ‘milk’ a cow in Monroe

Katherine Klingseis - 0 comments

RAGBRAI riders could “milk” a cow in Monroe without the risk of spilling even a drop of milk. A painted cow with water-filled udders stood outside Jersey Freeze, a Monroe ice ...

23 Jul

Author writes book to share ‘unique and incredible event, RAGBRAI’

Katherine Klingseis - 0 comments

Greg Borzo didn’t write his book to make money. He created it to help spread the word about “America’s favorite bicycle ride,” he said. “My goal was to tell a story,” ...

23 Jul

RAGBRAI riders use Raccoon River Valley Trail, do not clog it

Katherine Klingseis - 0 comments

Some RAGBRAI riders used the Raccoon River Valley Trail through Dallas and Guthrie counties on Monday and Tuesday, but they did not clog it, a Dallas County Conservation official said. ...

23 Jul

Dwarf wrestling draws large crowd in Dallas Center

Katherine Klingseis - 1 comment

Dwarf wrestling drew a large crowd of RAGBRAI riders in Dallas Center on Tuesday. “I cannot believe how crazy it is,” said Tiffany Filloon, owner of The Longest Yard in Dallas ...

23 Jul

Color wars help fund construction of new Dallas Center pool

Katherine Klingseis - 0 comments

RAGBRAI riders may be caught in a color war while riding through Dallas Center on Tuesday. The Dallas Center community is holding color wars to raise money to build a new ...

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