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29 Jul

RAGBRAI in two words: ‘witnessing moments’

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A conversation with a first-timer on RAGBRAI reminded me what this meandering sweaty pilgrimage really means. She boiled it down to two words: witnessing moments.

28 Jul

Register defeats NPR’s No Pie Refused in sequel RAGBRAI pie-eating contest

Kyle Munson - 1 comment

Des Moines Register President David Chivers was the anchor in the rematch victory.

26 Jul

Rocking the RAGBRAI road with the Iowa State Patrol

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"Even with milliseconds at a time, you and the cyclists build relationships throughout the week."

25 Jul

Rider’s ‘BarnBRAI’ counts our fading farm landscape

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He's a rolling archaeologist sizing up the very bones of our agriculture before modernization erased the need for so many farmsteads.

24 Jul

A feast of meat and memories on the first ‘Mr. Pork Chop Day’

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Pork chops can make grown men and women cry this time of year in Iowa -- this summer more than ever. 

23 Jul

RAGBRAI is just one leg of this all-summer honeymoon

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Sunday was day 43 of an Iowa couple's two-wheeled romance on the open road. They haven't been home since they set out June 4 by car to the West Coast ...

17 Nov

‘Mr. Pork Chop’ leaves behind meaty RAGBRAI legacy

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If there's any justice in this life or the next, Wednesday's lunch special in heaven was a thick, juicy slab of Iowa pork chop served on a paper towel.

30 Jul

Good and bad luck of another unforgettable RAGBRAI

Kyle Munson - 3 comments

Amid tragedy and serendipity, you can't make this stuff up.

29 Jul

Sisters in diapers ride as ‘the babies’ of RAGBRAI

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Teresa Condon and Tracy Henriksen have fun in their infant costumes.