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28 Jul

Beer ride: Microbrews catch up on RAGBRAI

RAGBRAI - 8 comments

RAGBRAI has a reputation for being awash in light beer from corporate breweries. Yet more craft brewers are training palates at the state's biggest rolling party.

21 Jul

The talk of the bikes: Solar panels, cooler + 4 people

RAGBRAI - 0 comments

You think you have a snazzy bike? Check out the Quadra Bike. With solar panels, a canopy and room for four people it's been drawing attention on RAGBRAI 2014.

8 Mar

RAGBRAI XLII: Day-by-day breakdown of the route

RAGBRAI - 13 comments

Day 1: Rock Valley to Okoboji Rock Valley is a pleasant town of 3,354 in Sioux County, which you may have heard is ordered and well-mannered countryside. Folks there even call ...

26 Feb

RAGBRAI Training: How to Start Preparing for RAGBRAI While Waiting for Spring to Arrive

RAGBRAI - 17 comments

by Coach David Ertl I don’t know about where you live, but here in Iowa winter rages on without much of a break. With the announcement of the RAGBRAI route, a ...