The Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa

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29 Mar

RAGBRAI Registration Deadlines Quickly Approaching! Don’t Miss Out!

TJ Juskiewicz - 1 comment

The week-long rider registration deadline is just around the corner.  You must have your entry submitted and payment made by April 1

23 Mar

RAGBRAI XLVII Route: Saturday, July 27 – Burlington to Keokuk

TJ Juskiewicz - 2 comments

The complete scenic route from Fairfield to Burlington on Friday travels 62.6 miles with just 1,725 feet of climb.   You will spend quite a few miles rolling down the ...

22 Mar

RAGBRAI XLVII Route: Friday, July 26 – Fairfield to Burlington

TJ Juskiewicz - 3 comments

The complete route from Fairfield to Burlington on Friday travels 65.6 miles with a relatively flat 1,521 feet of climb.   This will be the first time for an overnight ...

21 Mar

RAGBRAI XLVII Route: Thursday, July 25 – Centerville to Fairfield

TJ Juskiewicz - 6 comments

Here is the complete route from Centerville to Fairfield.  The Thursday route travels 65.6 miles with 2,328 feet of climb.

20 Mar

RAGBRAI XLVII Route: Wednesday, July 24 – Indianola to Centerville

TJ Juskiewicz - 3 comments

Here is the complete route from Indianola to Centerville.  The route now encompasses 84.3 miles with a manageable 2,977 feet of climb.  You can add 32.3 miles if you ride ...

19 Mar

RAGBRAI XLVII Route: Tuesday, July 23 – Winterset to Indianola

TJ Juskiewicz - 2 comments

The day’s route from Winterset to Indianola will travel a mere 39.9 fun miles and 1,374 feet of climb.

18 Mar

RAGBRAI XLVII Route: Monday, July 22 – Atlantic to Winterset

TJ Juskiewicz - 5 comments

The complete route from Atlantic to Winterset will travel 68.1 miles and 2,044 feet of climb.  A good chunk of the route will travel along the historic White Pole Road ...

17 Mar

RAGBRAI XLVII Route: Sunday, July 21 – Council Bluffs to Atlantic

TJ Juskiewicz - 7 comments

Here is the complete route from Council Bluffs to Atlantic.  The route encompasses 59.9 miles and 2,825 feet of climb.

6 Mar

Complete RAGBRAI Route with Roads and Towns will Start to be Released Next Sunday, March 17

TJ Juskiewicz - 5 comments

We will release the Sunday July 21st route next Sunday (3/17), Monday’s on Monday (3/18) and continue through Saturday.

4 Mar

RAGBRAI Training: It’s Time to Kick off this RAGBRAI Training Party!

TJ Juskiewicz - 6 comments

We have record snow in Iowa right now but that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to RAGBRAI.  In five short months, RAGBRAI will be back.  Will you be ready?  ...

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