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'BACooN RIDE' to combine biking, bacon this summer

  • 25 January, 2014
  • Katherine Klingseis

A new event this summer will combine two of Iowans’ most beloved hobbies: biking and bacon-eating.

The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, Blue Ribbon Bacon Fest and Iowa Bicycle Coalition have joined forces to present the “BACooN RIDE: The RIDE for the CURED.”

The bicycle ride will be held June 28 along the Raccoon River Valley Trail. The ride will begin and end at Waukee, following a 71-mile route.

More details after this introductory video …

The ride will weave through Waukee, Ortonville, Adel, Redfield, Linden, Panora, Yale, Herndon, Jamaica, Dawson, Perry, Minburn and Dallas Center. Riders can use optional starting points to cut down on the route’s length.

Bacon snacks, a bacon-themed lunch and drink specials at bacon party stops will be available along the way. Registration also includes a commemorative PassPORK punch card for bacon treats, a custom Bacoon Ride steel pint (for the first 1,000 riders to register), a commemorative Bacoon Ride T-shirt and ride support and mechanics.

The registration fee is $45 before May 1 and $55 before June 1. Before June 27, the late registration fee is $60 and does not guarantee a steel pint or T-shirt. People will not be able to register on-site.

Go to bacoonride.com to register. All proceeds will go to the Iowa Bicycle Coalition, RAGBRAI’s Dream Team and other Iowa charities.

Less than a month after that ride is RAGBRAI. What path will it follow? Plan to tune in at RAGBRAI.com at 8 p.m. tonight for live streaming video of the route announcement party. More details on the party are here. For now, whet your bike appetite with this new RAGBRAI 2013 highlights video:



  1. clarence

    What is this BACoon Ride mean?
    I am sorry but that “coon” part is blantantly racist!
    Why is it not just the Bacon Ride?

    Really, Coon. Hmmm Only in racist Des Moines, Iowa

  2. Byron

    Pretty sure it refers to the Racoon River Valley Trail….

  3. Brush popper

    I cross the Racoon river many times it is beautiful stream. Bacoon is An appropriate name cause here in Kansas we say coon dogs, coon hounds, coon creek.and when I go racoon hunting I just ay coon huntin.Iowa has Coon Rapids none of those are racist terms. What race do you think of when here the word coon. I thought of it as fury ring tailed masked animal and Daniel Boon in his coon skinned hat.

  4. Sandaltan

    You have no clue clarence.


  5. Steve

    Are you kidding me, Bacoon and Tour de Cure Corridor Classic, are the same day.

  6. clarance is racist

    Clarance, the fact you took that as racist means you are the racist.

  7. Steve

    Please ignore obvious online trolls.

  8. Lisa

    I read the article, read the comments and went back to re-read the article…I’m fairly certain BACooN is a combination of bacon and the Racoon River Valley Trail. I don’t think any reference to any person’s race was intended.

  9. Rebecca

    Um, coon here doesn’t mean what it does in Canada. it’s a shortened term for raccoon, not what you are thinking folks.

  10. Deb

    Never ASSuME Mr. Clarence!!

  11. cubs08ws

    Really Clarence, really? I’m amazed by the number of people who go out of there way, and who search to find ways to be offended. All are welcome to attend this event. If you have a bike Clarence come on out, meet some decent people, and have a hell of a good time!

  12. Diane wise

    Totally disappointed this ride does not include Jefferson – the start of the Raccoon River valley Trail. Way to promote the trail.


    I wanna be there SO BAD!! Native of DSM, living in WI now. Last year cheated the RAGBRAI route just to be on NEW addition to Racoon River Valley Trail! Totally LOVE it! Always thought
    it has potential for massive group ride. Especially, with new addition.
    Clarence…***?? You are “this-grease”!

  14. Terri Ross

    In agreement with Diane, Jefferson has worked along with the other towns to promote the RRVT. We have a beautiful trail head depot. Could you please try to include Jefferson on the next ride.


    To Diane & Terri,
    Guys, if I were you I would do the Jefferson on my own…! No kidding.
    And, if more people join you maybe next year Jefferson became an “optional Loop”
    for those, who want to put over 100 mls. Just an idea, for I know Jefferson is worthy of
    these extra miles…

  16. Take it ez

    Take it easy on poor Clarence. He screwed up. BIG time… and now is playing the fool.

    He over-reacted and after clicking the “Post Comment” button has been forever immortalized.

    At least here. :)

  17. Pam

    Just signed up. First group ride I will be doing. This sounded like fun so hopefully I can keep up with everyone! I found out about this ride from a cycling group at work.

  18. jb

    Just finished BRR ride, Bike Ride to Rippey, yesterday. What a BLAST, pun intended. Almost 1000 riders braved the elements and had a GREAT time. Raccoon Valley Trail comes through our town – Perry. Anxiously look forward to the BACooN Ride. Does not get much better than good people, bikers, and bacon (maybe beer as well ??)
    See everyone in June!

  19. dennis

    we’d love to be “workin for da bacon!!…..bacoonride”

  20. dennis

    we’d love to be “workin for da bacon!!…..bacoonride”

  21. dennis

    we’d love to be “workin for da bacon!!…..bacoonride”

  22. colleen m. carmack

    In 2011 I saw information on racoon trails. Hopefully I can go, been wanting to check it out.

  23. Sandaltan

    We will be there for our “bacon fix”. Will there be bacon flavored beer? If not maybe I will just dunk a strip into my Miller Lite.

  24. Pam Thomas

    Need to have someone confirm I am signed up for the ride as I didn’t receive a confirmation.

  25. Heather dove

    A group of us were going to start in perry and end it in perry vs starting in waukee wondering if vendors go from 8-7pm through all towns or if there’s a certain time of each town?

  26. Heather dove

    A group of us were going to start in perry and end it in perry vs starting in waukee wondering if vendors go from 8-7pm through all towns or if there’s a certain time of each town?

  27. Deborah Blaedel

    My husband and I plan to ride a tandem of two three-wheel recumbants on the ride, starting and ending in Perry. We don’t expect to be able to do the whole loop, though, and worry about the safety (to ourselves and others) or riding against traffic for half the distance we will go. Is there any way to cut off part of the ride to rejoin the loop without backtracking?

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