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Be Heart Healthy, Get your Heart Checked

  • 14 May, 2018
  • Andrea Parrott

Heart healthiness means a great deal to us here at Businessolver and also means a great deal to me personally. It hit home to us in a significant and real way when our co-worker and friend Charron died in 2016.  For me personally, it hit home in 2010, when my dad had a major heart attack followed by quadruple bypass surgery. In 2014, he died of a stroke.  All three of these heart related incidents could have possibly been prevented by getting heart healthy. We want everybody who participates in RAGBRAI this year to make sure that they get their heart checks early and get their hearts ready to ride. I am so proud to be a part of an organization that takes heart healthiness to “heart.” We ride for our families, friends, and co-workers and we ride for heart health.

We would LOVE to hear your story. Share with us using the hashtag #whydoyouride on Twitter and follow us @businessolver for heart healthy tips, tricks, and workouts.

Here at Businessolver, we are partnering with the American Heart Association and Hy Vee to make sure everybody on the ride is covered, but you can do your part by finding out your heart healthy numbers ahead of time.  Visit the AHA website and find out what the risk factors are for heart disease and other heart ailments. Read about how to keep your heart strong, and research preventative measures.  Start now if you haven’t been heart healthy in the past and if you are heart healthy, keep up the good work!  We want your heart to keep ticking for a long time. #heartsolver

Tracey Orman / businessolver / Onsite Wellness & Fitness Administrator



  1. Mark Whitby

    Went to get a checkup yesterday and found I have developed Afib! I knew something had changed but had no ideas I had a serious heart condition. Hopefully, tests and meds will let me do the full ride, but if not at least I’ll be alive! Get a check up!

  2. joe holland

    my checkup was this week also…too boring I guess…the history of Ragbrai and my plans to participate this year made the record with the phrase “should be fun”…she did not mention the beer muscle training… this is what happens in a small town when provider sees you riding and checkup is ho hum LOL

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