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Big Wheels for the big ride

  • 27 July, 2011
  • Michael Morain

Matt Armbruster turned heads Wednesday with his Big Wheel trike for grown-ups.

“It snaps you right back to being 6 years old,” he said. “It’s pure joy.”

The 18- or 19-year RAGBRAI veteran from Denver joined this year’s ride today, with the sturdy tricycle he built with a 26-inch front wheel, a pair of 14-inchers in the back and a cushy yellow seat like the kind you might find on a riding lawn mower.

He’s selling them for $600 via his website, at www.highrollerusa.com – tassels and bell included.

Michael Morain


  1. Sydney Vogel

    You rock, Matt. Glad the DMR has your story! Proud of you!

    Sydney and Jon

  2. Robert McCabe

    What a great day in the best city in Iowa that is Grinnell,Go Pioneers!

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