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Biking Safety Tips

  • 25 April, 2019

Here are some safety tips for you to remember as you prepare for and ride on RAGBRAI:

Make sure that you ride a bicycle that is in good repair–especially the brakes. Always wear a helmet. Avoid biking at night. Wear bright clothing and use a taillight or headlight if you must bike at night.

Bike to the right side of the right lane, and leave room for others to pass on the left. The roads that the RAGBRAI route goes on are not closed–yield to vehicle traffic. Be predictable by biking in a straight line and indicating your turns and stops with hand signals.

Be cooperative with RAGBRAI officials and obey state troupers and other law enforcement. Follow traffic laws.

Avoid gravel, debris, and wide cracks in the road. Don’t drink alcohol while you bike or bike while using headphones.

To find more safety tips, click on the links below.

Safety Tips

Rider Safety Tips and the RIDE RIGHT Video

Driver Safety Tips

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  1. Jimhavermann

    What percent of the riders use electric bikes?

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