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Calling all Rhode Islanders near Rock Creek State Park

  • 28 July, 2011
  • Michael Morain

Anybody from Rhode Island?

Four cousins from the Iowa City area – Lucy and Quincy Lohman and Ella and Greta Lowry – drew a map of the United States and posted it about a mile east of Rock Creek State Park. They checked off each state as riders called out where they were from and had found residents of all 50 states except Rhode Island by about 2 p.m.

There was a growing list of foreign countries listed in the margin, including Japan, Germany, Canada, England, Australia – and the states of “Insanity” and “Confusion.”

From left: Lucy, Quincy, Ella and Greta:


Michael Morain


  1. Ina Woolman

    Well, does this count? I’m from Rhode Island, and since I was visiting my family in and near Atlantic, I volunteered to help with RAGBRAI,serving six hours at the Information Center at the High School. I have my red Volunteer t-shirt, a souvenir mug, and wonderful memories of the people I got to talk to and to help out. I helped people call their team members when their cell phones wouldn’t work, supported a young woman who couldn’t find her father, helped a rider find his lost watch, and learned about an electrolyte replacement product from a rider from Texas. Among other things. I hope this might help complete the map!!! [And if you do find any other Rhode Islanders … I probably know them!]

  2. Aspen Lohman

    Thanks Ina! I told the kids that you replied and they were all excited!! We know there were people represented from all 50 states but the Rhode Island riders must not have ridden through in our 3 hours of asking. I really appreciate the response though because the kid’s faces just lit up! THANKS!

    P.S. If there is still a rider from Rhode Island out there though, we’d love to hear from you! :)

  3. Mr.O

    Dear Kids,
    I once rode on an island, Washington Island, north of Green Bay, does that count?

  4. Aspen

    If we get really desperate we might just have to count “RODE Island!” The kids thought that was funny, Mr. O!

  5. Ina Woolman

    Aspen, please tell the kids that their effort was really special. And so are THEY! I hope they will have as great a time with each other all their lives as I have had with MY cousins … for the past 60-something years! Thanks!!

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