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Carter LeBeau 1926-2013

  • 10 August, 2013

carterandkayeToday, RAGBRAI  lost a legend.  Carter LeBeau of Davenport passed away at the age of 87.

Carter was one of the original RAGBRAIers and certainly one of the most colorful riders participating in every RAGBRAI with his signature socks.

The RAGBRAI nation will miss you!  Our thoughts and prayers are with the LeBeau family.

Funeral arrangements are pending at Weerts Funeral Home in Davenport.



  1. Chris Goodman

    So sad to hear this news! My thoughts are with Carter and his family…

  2. Louise

    I mett Carter & Kay on my very first RAGBRAI in 2004. I always enjoyed speaking with both of them and looked forward to seeing them this year as I don’t ride every year. I missed seeing them and I know Carter will be greatly missed by all.

  3. Bill Cornick

    Having participated in many of Carter’s organized college rides I have lots of fond memories of Carter. Remember “TIGER” and “TOGER” among others? Our cycling community has lost a real gentleman. We know he has gone to that better place where there are no head winds, no Blackjack Road climbs and a triple crank is never needed. Our thoughts and prayers are with Kay and family.

  4. susie scott

    What an incredible legacy he leaves. God be with his family. Keep biking family! We will come alongside and remember with you. :)

  5. Bareback

    Would be great if someone could post the picture of Carter on the first RAGBRAI that has him riding up a hill into West Liberty giving all the kids a high five and wearing those socks. The picture was taken by Carl Voss and made the picture of the year category.

    Hope everyone can see some of Carter’s contributions to the “Riding Through History ” exhibit at the Iowa State Historical Museum. Carter was at the grand opening of the exhibit with his wife Kaye. Carter enthusiastically said to me, ” After spending two hours here in the museum you just keep finding more to see! You just can not see everything the first time through! Thanks for your friendship, Carter LeBeau, and your unflagging enthusiasm for RAGBRAI and the people of Iowa! Bareback

  6. M

    I met this gentleman on RAGBRAI in 2011 in Atlantic, Iowa but I just didn’t know what an icon he was. It was my first RAGBRAI. We were sitting in the Atlantic Visitors Center talking about the heat and the hills. I never got his name but I definitely recognize the face and the socks. He mentioned he had done 25 RAGBRAI’s. At the time I was happy to be surviving RAGBRAI not even thinking about the number of RAGBRAI’s he had completed.

    What a great cyclist! RIP my RAGBRAI friend! You are an inspiration!

  7. Dixon

    I was able to visit with Carter a week before RAGBRAI this year. Listening to his RAGBRAI stories that afternoon is something I will hold close for the rest of my riding days. Thank you for teaching us, encouraging us and being the Quad Cities’ own Mr. RAGBRAI.
    Our prayers are with you Carter, your blessed wife Kaye and your families. Riding, Dixon

  8. Doug from Denver

    Meeting Carter LeBeau on the road was an annual tradition for me.Chatting with Carter and Kaye while riding or at a rest stop was a sign that RAGBRAI was complete. If there ever is a RAGBRAI Hall of Fame, Carter LeBeau will be a charter member.
    Heavenly Tailwinds, Carter!

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